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Best Lust-Worthy Movie Closets to
Intrigue Your Inner Fashionista

At times, television shows and movies might create false expectations. 

While it's true that closets from television and movies are only a fantasy, that doesn’t stop people from fantasizing about them. Instead, they envision a series of color-coded accessory rows. 

While they can scrape and save to own one of these opulent closets, they keep returning to the following 20 movies to get some idea on how to proceed. 

Many of them revolve around fashion, with fashionable individuals who, of course, live in opulent wardrobes. Others just threw beautiful closets into the mix, whether or not they were required for the plot.

So, let’s explore this list: 

1: Revenge

The Graysons from Revenge are another well-off fictional family. 

This gang has problems, but it also has flair, taste, and class, and Victoria is the classiest. 

She knows she controls the roost and isn't afraid to show it. 

But, if you look at her, seated on her throne in this massive closet, you’ll forget everything else. It appears that her closet has been added to a bathroom, which has then been added to a dressing room in our fantasies! 

2: Gone With The Wind

We've arrived at Ms. Scarlett O'Hara's closet, one of the best closets on our list. 

This Gone With The Wind diva is all about grandeur and drama, which is reflected in her wardrobe. 

Her story’s historical period alone lends itself to some stunning clothing, plus she hails from a wealthy household. 

Because of these factors, her closet is brimming with enormous dresses, opulent gowns, pricey corsets, and gleaming leather boots. 

3: The Great Gatsby

Another figure that comes to mind when thinking of opulence and luxury is Jay Gatsby, who illustrates that men’s closets can be just as fabulous as any woman on our list! 

His chamber is wide, with numerous stories, and there are cabinets, cupboards, and hanging areas full of goodies all around the top story! 

Imagine waking up in that large bed, ascending that spiral staircase, and being able to choose an outfit from that "closet" every day.

4: Sex And The City

How can we forget Carrie Bradshaw?

Well, we didn’t. 

When it comes to spectacular and fictitious closets, hers is undoubtedly the most mentioned. 

She is recognized for her fashion sense, her shopping addiction, and her infatuation with garments that rivals her love for virtually anything else in the world. 

Certainly, she works hard and prefers to have her money visible. If you look at her closet space, which is brimming with glistening gems and opulent artifacts, you’d want to live there forever with a cosmo and a wine glass in your hands.

5: Pitch Perfect

Kids don't expect to have a room as spacious as Becca in Pitch Perfect when they go off to college. 

The area! The lighting! The wardrobe!

Everything is just WOW.

Some of our homes don't even have all of this, but Becca does in this musical comedy. And she also takes advantage of it.

With all of the design and personality poured into it, the entire area is very adorable, but it's that closet, smack in the heart of it all, that has us salivating and dreaming.

6: Twilight 

Bella becomes a vampire in Twilight. 

But she did it all for love; thus, in her opinion, this is the nicest thing that has ever happened to her.

However, her closet, in our opinion, is the nicest part of the whole thing!

Yes, Bella and Edward's love story is sweet and full of drama, but she also gets a spacious wardrobe with rows and rows of clothing, a long rug that adds ambiance, a chair in case we grow too tired of choosing out stuff, and, of course, a chandelier.

7: New Girl

New Girl's apartment is one of the nicest in the world, and fans have wished to buy the entire area for years. 

We'd have to go with Jess' closet if we could only have one section. 

To begin with, it's on a turquoise wall. Secondly, it features a large, industrial-style sliding door, which is quite cool. Then there are all of her eccentric outfits and accessories inside its enormous walls. 

She sews, thrifts, and has a plethora of costumes. This stunning closet is the place to go for unique fashion items.

To Conclude…

People often fantasize about having an entire wall dedicated to shoes. They also pretend to have a chandelier, a mirrored dresser, and fuzzy white carpeting in their small closets.


If you want to know how they got inspired, you can blame it on these movies.

So, if you need more information on these lust-worthy movie closets, make sure to reach us in the comment box below. 

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