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The Most In-Demand Soft Skills In America

NetCredit collated a list of soft skills based on job listings, including job descriptions and city/state location of the role, gathered sector-by-sector from to ensure an even spread of job postings across the industries.

To determine which soft skills were most uniquely popular in each sector, state and city, the percentage of job postings in each area that mentioned a given soft skill was compared to the percentage of postings mentioning that skill across the board. The greater that percentage was over the national average, the more uniquely popular a given skill was considered in each sector, state and city. For the city analysis, NetCredit looked at the top 250 cities (by the number of job postings). The final dataset includes over 45,000 job postings.

highlight your soft skills in a job interview

How to Highlight Your Soft Skills in a Job Interview

Secondly, the question of how to highlight your soft skills in a job interview was examined by NetCredit, with these findings...

highlight your soft skills in a job interview

About NetCredit

NetCredit is a licensed online financial services provider for mid-size personal loans, and an ideal choice for consumers who cannot qualify for traditional credit products through mainstream lenders. Located in the heart of downtown Chicago, they are a subsidiary of Enova International, Inc., a NYSE listed company (ENVA). Their mission to create easy and welcoming opportunities for consumers to get access to the credit they need.

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