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How to Be More Productive Working From Home

Working From Home

We have to accept the fact that online work is rapidly taking the lead and more and more people are switching to that method of income each day. This is honestly quite understandable, because who does not need freedom from all the hassle of waking up each morning to go to the office?

However, as appealing as making money working from home is, there are always constant interruptions which might work against your productivity. But not to worry, we have put up this list to help you focus more and up your productivity in online work.

1. Plan, plan and plan

There is no secret to improving your productivity, but if there was to be any, it will definitely be planning. It is only through planning that you will manage to do the most work in the shortest possible amount of time. A better way to go about this is by using the agile method, better referred to as working in sprints. Divide all your daily work into sprints with regular predefined brakes after each task or milestone. If you do get a monthly job all at ones, have a plan for the whole month, incorporating even your personal and resting time.

Part of planning also means setting deadlines for your projects and this will help you have definite time for specific projects.

2. Create a system

This is more or less the same with planning. But it is more general. Have a specified time to check your emails, talk to your clients, and check your inbox. Most importantly, if you are a family person, you need to set aside a specific time to interact with them. This is a broader but still very important approach, especially if you are at home with your partner and children.

3. Specialize

Being a Jack of all trades can be rewarding but it can also have the flip side. If you are a newbie to online working, then trying different things could help you determine what you are really good at. However, doing this for a long while might drain you and you might end up not being productive in any of the several areas you focus on. The best way to go about this would be, after establishing yourself in a specific area, you will need to focus on it in order to improve your productivity.

4. Find your productive hours and work the most

I am sure you have heard people saying “I am a morning person” or “I am a night person.” What does this mean? Morning people work the best in the morning and their focus is on the highest level in the morning, and the vice versa is true. Find out which type of person you are because that’s the time you will do the most under the shortest time possible. Being at liberty to choose your productive time and when to work is one of the upsides of online work and you have to take advantage of it.

5. Find your ritual

Yes, you heard it right, and as bizarre as this may sound, it actually works. But, don’t get me wrong. A ritual does not have to be pouring water to the ancestors while wearing long robes, lol. Your ritual should be something that puts you into a comfortable mode. Some people’s rituals are exercising, taking a bath, meditating or even eating. This is a personal thing which means everyone has what works for him or her. Find that thing which helps you focus more and just makes you feel at ease, then form a habit of doing it every time before you start working.

6. Take breaks

Work and brain is like food to stomach. When you are hungry, you will need food and your stomach will readily accept any. However, when you reach your limit but you keep stuffing in more, your stomach will not be able to take it in; you might even end up throwing up. The same applies to the brain. It gets saturated and when you keep feeding it more content even after it has reached its limit, it will refuse to take in any more, hence reducing you productivity. This is why you always need to take regular breaks. If possible you can once in a while take vacations and just find time away from your computer and unwind.

7. Create a peaceful working place

If you are going to work online, you will have to learn to treat it as a real job, which means, a favorable environment; one in which you can maximally focus. Besides the silence, your work station should also be organized. You don’t have to necessarily set aside some fancy office. Just have your table and chair. Clear the clutter and keep away everyone causing distraction. A clean workplace affects productivity and improves personal growth.

8. Stay off social media

There is nothing as tempting as staying on social media the whole day, and some people do so, only to regret it at the end of the day. It is indeed a significant distraction especially for people who are working under flexible hours and work environment. This is reason enough for you to regulate your times of using it. After finding your productive hours, you will need to keep off the social media; switch off your phone if you have to.

9. Be flexible

Lastly, you will need to be flexible. Despite the fact that you need to plan and stick to it, you should accept that not all plans usually go as expected. The internet can go out, your system can break down, or a friend or family might need you. All these will affect your schedule, to mean you will have to know how to go around it. If you were not able to meet a certain deadline, don’t focus on that or spend a lot of time regretting. Instead, try to meet the next one. If you can work for more hours than you had planned for, then do exactly that.

Less time is more time as far as productivity is concerned which is why you should take every single second either being productive or refreshing your mind to boost your productivity.

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