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6 Team Building Activities to Boost Morale
During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic became an unexpected challenge for both companies and employees. No company in the world wasn't affected by it. The pandemic brought not only negative effects on businesses but also enhanced the significance of effective team management, especially when it comes to remote teams. If you want to find fresh ideas on morale-boosting activities for your organization’s workers, this article is for you. Creating a strong team that works remotely is not an easy task, but it is essential for enhancing the company’s productivity and building strong relationships. 

Most remote employees consider loneliness and lack of communication and support their main problems. Completing the long-term tasks can become more difficult for a remote employee. We all need to understand that many people feel uncomfortable, or even worse, insignificant for their company. Here are the best group activities during covid to prevent such situations. Let’s begin and make your work from home more fun and effective.

Why is virtual team building essential for your business?

Team Building

Team building activities are especially significant for people who are not used to working online. It can be difficult to motivate yourself, and most workers don't feel enough support. Remote team building is an innovative approach to boosting productivity and strong connections. 

Done right, it can boost morale or even teach your team new skills and create a pleasant atmosphere.

7 Best morale-building activities during COVID:

1. Organize weekly meetings 

This is a great solution for keeping close contact. Make sure this meeting is not too official, and all the employees feel comfortable. Let them understand that their thoughts and opinions are welcome. Use humor, jokes, etc. You can even throw an online party that will raise employee engagement in the company life. Fun meetings of remote teams have become a tradition that boosts relationships between software development company employees to a new level.

2. Play friendly games

Ice Breaking games are one of the best group activities during COVID. This is a great way to improve your team’s communication concerning work questions and other activities. It will make the employees feel support from other team members.

3. Competition ideas for virtual team building

Competitions are great to boost morale for your employees. Just make sure the topic of your competition or the prize is interesting for employees. Here are great ideas for online competitions:

Photo competition 
This is probably the most popular way to interest every online team member. Holding such a competition is a piece of cake, and it requires little time to prepare. Give your team a task to take a picture of something and set a deadline. You can even discuss the photos made by each other together.

Cooking competition
You won't be able to taste the yummy dishes your colleagues make, but you can judge the participants according to the food photos. Besides, you can exchange receipts and cooking tips.

Decoration competition
The team doesn’t need to decide who the most professional interior designer is. Go easier and simply ask your team to decorate their home office creatively. It can also be thematic like New Year, summer, etc.

4. Webinars and virtual workshops

Find out the spheres your employees are interested in or need to improve and teach them new things. This will improve your employees’ expertise and build a strong relationship between them as people trying to achieve the same goal. You can even start an online education course or hire a teacher to give your employees common ground. The fact that the company provides opportunities for professional growth will create a positive brand image and attract more potential employees interested in their further development.

The workshop doesn’t just have to be related to professional activities. It can also touch on things like beating procrastination, time management, communication, psychology, sports, etc.

5. Motivational News

Nobody likes to hear bad news, so ensure the employees get enough motivation every day. You can make short video calls where the team members greet each other and talk about interesting things that occurred in their lives. If you have a company app, you can send inspiring news or create a special group in a popular communication channel like WhatsApp, etc.

6. Virtual house tours

This is one of the most interesting engagement activities for virtual teams. Visiting each other’s homes, even online, will make you feel closer with your team members and know more about their lifestyle, interests, activities, etc.

Get to know more about your team

Show people who work in your company that they are valued not only as workers but as people. This way, they will feel more care and support from your side. Team building during COVID has shown businesses that the more the employees feel valued, the better results they demonstrate, and this is also applicable for remote teams. 

The Ending Note

We hope our article gave you some fresh ideas and thoughts on boosting your remote team’s morale. We wish you luck in this complicated but fun task and hope it results in your company’s success.

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