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Top 8 Hacks to Improve
Your Writing Skills

By Donna Moores

Nowadays, writing skills are essential to express your thoughts, share them with others, and receive feedback from your readers. In this article, you’ll find the ways on how to improve your writing skills. If you like to pour your thoughts into the text, then this article is especially for you!

Follow up a role model

And where else can you find inspiration and clarify how the text should look? Some online tools and services may assist you:

They are good examples to follow up, and they are great services to edit your writing.

Many errors do not come up right away. Re-consider and re-read your writing when you finish it. It helps cross out a couple of mistakes, but it's better to do it after a while. The perfect moment is the next day. Check your writing with a fresh mind to evaluate your creativity.

Get rid of unnecessary, parasitic words

Both in colloquial speech and in writing, each of us has words that we would like to use less often. They are the words "for example," "maybe," "beyond this" and several others, which you can not immediately recall. In spite of the fact that these words give the text a little beauty, too often they are not worth using. You can replace them with synonyms or try to remake the book, so there's no need in them.

Write every day

Do not tell that you have no idea what to write. There are always some of them:

  • What have you been dreaming about today?
  • What exciting things have you learned today/yesterday/ this week?
  • What would you do if you got a million dollars (you can even dream about a billion)?
  • Why is this day still good?
  • How could one live these days better?
  • What would you like to change in today's day?
  • Why do you have no inspiration and what needs to be done to make it appear?
  • What useful things have you done?
  • What would you teach a stranger?
  • Write every day, and this will help you develop your skill more and more.

Remove unnecessary water

Do not write as much as possible. Leave only essential information in your short sentences. There is already too much information online, so it’s unlikely that everybody reads each paragraph.

Use short sentences and paragraphs

Nobody will read the canvases of the text with long sentences and a bunch of turns. Try to write briefly and do not forget to divide the piece into paragraphs. A short article is much easier to read than a long one.

Listen to criticism

If your close friends or readers have expressed an opinion about your article, evaluate it and make the right conclusions. It is impossible to get rid of all your mistakes yourself. Therefore, justified criticism is the best factor for your growth. That is also a factor for developing your personal authenticity.

Write in the same way as you think

Do not use complicated words, trying to work out your style. Write as you feel. The voice that sits in your head already knows what to do. Trust it and let it express what that voice wants. If you're going to write like Bukowski, there will always be someone who will do it better.

It is impossible to come up with something extraordinary new. Especially in this field. But, if you know an excellent article that you would like to share with your readers or merely translate it because it's so cool, do it. But do not forget about copyright.

Enjoy the process

If you want to start writing just because you saw a blogger with a MacBook in a cafe, the idea is doomed to failure in advance. You need to love writing and to enjoy the process.

In conclusion, in the epoch of the Internet, everyone writes something. If only a couple of centuries ago, the writing skills were owned solely by the excellent ones; now, they are the decent level held by the overwhelming number of people. The writing skills should be owned by everyone, not only those who want to create their own stories and books. Therefore, the advice presented in the article will help both. Having no idea in your head, try something new, leave your comfort zone. Then, you will stand out from the crowd.

Author Bio:
Donna Moores is a savvy and experienced content marketer. She likes sharing her thoughts on different blogs and forums across the web.
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