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Moon Chang Will Be The Top Designer of This Era

Moon Chang

Moon Chang is a New York based fashion designer who studied at FIT. Shortly after graduating with a MFA in Fashion Design, she began her career, creating her latest collection inspired by a devastating car accident. She grew to appreciate life and how incredibly dark it can be but also how much beauty there is to appreciate. She suffered PTSD during this time and designing helped her to heal in a healthy way. She continues to express her pain during the healing process after her accident through each design.

Moon Chang

Her design style is dark romance. It is full of colors like black, blue and gray, while incorporating bright pink and pops of glamorous sequin, ribbons and ruffles. Her designs also feature edgy detailing like large, almost reptile like shoulder accents that convey the gritty side to her design style. Personally, she's a laid back person, with a huge mystic who doesn't really care about the lime lite.

The ideal Moon Chang customer is a woman who likes to express herself through dramatic, avant-garde looks. She is someone who enjoys her world and taste, and doesn't want to blend with the crowd in simplistic pieces. In her latest collection, she implemented oversized bows, pleats and fabric/textile elements you didn’t know would pair well together, like straps with buckle fronts. She includes sexy elements as well, with a bra-like, oversized flower top that was shown styled on top of a dress. This collection also features sheer pieces with giant puffed sleeves.

Moon Chang

Her website has an online store, featuring everything from evening gowns to t-shirts. She loves to drape and has many over exaggerated draping, almost telling a whimsical story, when mixed with the glam elements. The accessories styled with the current collection, feature black booties with flower details. She also likes to layer and drape different fabrics to build texture. Dramatic, oversized puff sleeves were the focus for tops and dresses. The models in her latest collection walked the runway with pale, almost death-like, minimal makeup, with sleek, low hair buns and natural curls. The designer made other sexy pieces, with back-baring blouses and dresses with subtle slits. The bold, Alice in Wonderland type of drama was incorporated in many of the pieces with jumbo sized bows. Some bows so large they looked like wings, which creates an angelic juxtaposition against the darkest black pieces in the collection. Her versatile pieces can be worn with bold shoes and accessories!

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