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Why Moissanite Chains are the Best Alternative to Expensive Diamond Chains

Moissanite Chains

Moissanite is manufactured and a diamond lookalike. The gemstone known as moissanite makes for an intriguing piece of jewelry. However, it is not a diamond that was created in a lab. Because it was created to have the appearance of a diamond, it is known as a diamond simulant. Hence there is a clear difference between moissanite chains vs diamond chains. You will notice the great differences when you see the iced out chains from ice cartel. Although it was manufactured in a laboratory, the substance in question is still considered synthetic moissanite. The atomic structure is identical to that of a stone that can be discovered in the wild.

The Distinction Between a Moissanite Chain VS Diamond Chains

The term "synthetic diamond chains" should not be confused with "moissanite chainst"A synthetic diamond's molecular structure is identical to a natural diamond's. Synthetic diamonds, along with synthetic sapphires, are manufactured in laboratories. Because of this, we can confidently call it a diamond. It was created in a laboratory.

Something that is created to look exactly like the original is called a simulant. If you wanted a clear stone that looked like a diamond, you could create the appearance of a diamond by faceting a piece of glass just like a diamond. This would be an example of a stimulant. It does not meet any of the criteria for a diamond. Two of the most well-known alternatives to diamonds are known as cubic zirconia (CZ) and rhinestones. Due to the extreme toughness of these, it is obvious that they are not the same when comparing moissanite chains vs diamond chains

What Characteristics of Moissanite Make It the Most Desirable Alternative to Diamonds?

In contrast to other diamond substitutes currently available on the market, Moissanite is rough. Genuinely hard, without a coating. Its hardness of 9.25 places it more closely than any other gemstone that can match that of a diamond. We have experience with moissanite engagement rings that have stood the test of time. Customers have also sent us other "diamond simulants" that they purchased online and purported to be diamonds. Because we were dissatisfied with the performance of the stones, we even had them examined. A hardness of 7.5 is exhibited by the second most popular diamond imitator that can be purchased online. Buyer beware! After a year of use, these stones have taken on a terrible appearance.

The shimmer of moissanite is yet another quality that captivates our attention. The average person has trouble telling the difference between diamond and moissanite, so they need guidance.

Due to the fact that it is produced in a laboratory, moissanite is also environmentally friendly. This is one of the outstanding difference of moissanite chains vs diamond chains. This precious stone was mined without disturbing the earth, making it the most environmentally responsible alternative to diamonds. Here are other facts to know about moissanite chains vs diamond chains.

Moissanite Brilliant and Blazing Propertie: Moissanite has unparalleled sparkle! Because of its higher refractive index than a diamond, it possesses a brilliance that is superior to that of a diamond. Because moissanite has a higher dispersion than a diamond does, rainbow light flashes will appear more frequently in a moissanite stone.

Resistance To Wear And Tear And Toughness: In terms of hardness, moissanite is only surpassed by diamond. On the Mohs hardness scale, a diamond receives a score of 10, while moissanite only receives a 9 1/4. Because of this, a moissanite is an excellent option for an engagement ring because it will retain its "sparkle" even after being worn continuously for a lifetime. A moissanite can withstand higher temperatures and more severe chemicals than a diamond can, which is an advantage when manufacturing and repairing jewelry. Moissanite has greater stability than a diamond.

Color: Moissanite can be produced in a variety of shades that are classified as "white." You can now select either "Colorless" or "Near Colorless" as your preference. On the scale of color, this moissanite earns the grade of DEF for having no discernible body color. The whitest possible, although some people don't want it quite that white. This moissanite is closer to the GHI color range than it is to the colorless category, and some customers prefer the slightly warmer natural tone of this moissanite. Since moissanite is extremely dispersive, even more so than natural diamonds, a great deal of fire can be seen when the stone moves. The original moissanite was Forever Classic Moissanite; unfortunately, it is no longer manufactured. It has a tinge that is somewhere between green and yellow. On the scale used to grade the color of diamonds, it is very close to an L-M grade.

Cut: There are currently a few different cut styles that can be chosen for round and princess moissanite. The difference between the traditional round cut and the Hearts and Arrows cut is not easy to spot with the naked eye when compared to each other. However, you can tell the difference between the hearts and arrows effect if you have the right gear. The brilliant cut and the classic cut are both included in the princess-cut moissanite.

Eco-Friendly: Moissanite is produced in a laboratory. This beautiful gem is created without moving any earth, making it a fantastic environmentally friendly diamond alternative.


Silicon carbide is the scientific name for the compound that makes up moissanite. Dr. Ferdinand Frederick Henri Moissan discovered it in Arizona's Barringer Crater in 1893. In the 1990s, it was discovered that moissanite could be used in jewelry, whereas before that time, silicon carbide was only used for industrial applications. Because high-quality moissanite suitable for use in fine jewelry is so difficult to find, it is now typically grown in laboratories.

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