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Five Mistakes to Avoid While Writing Song Lyrics

Writing Song Lyrics

While listening to the music, one of the things that grab the listener's attention first is the song's lyrics. If your song has beautiful well balanced, coherent and rhyming lyrics, there are great chances that it will hold the listeners' ear. But if you have compromised on the lyrics of your song that is its essence, then you would fail to hold the listener's ear to your music. Sometimes songwriters with great ideas fail to portray what they have in their minds because of the small mistakes that, most of the times, go unnoticed but leave a significant impact on the quality of their music. These mistakes, if not detected and corrected at the start, can ruin the whole song.

So whenever you are writing a song to pitch commercials, T.V. shows, or music publishers, make sure to review your lyrics again and again and share them with your friends for suggestions and critique. Moreover, pay great attention to your rhyming schemes and syllabic patterns. These things help you with mastering an album and creating a great piece of music that can deliver a message without any difficulties.

Following is the list of mistakes that most of the songwriters make and failed to deliver the brilliant ideas in their mind. So go through them, and next time, whenever you start writing a song, keep these points in your mind to avoid any such mistakes:

Avoid Grammatical Mistakes:

Whether it's songwriting, essay writing or story writing, grammar should be taken into account in every case. Bad grammar or grammatical errors can instantly bring the quality of your writing down. They overshadow the brilliance of your ideas and the beauty of your words. Lousy grammar can make the songs difficult to comprehend and listen. Song lyrics with grammatical error can confuse the audience in grabbing the message, resulting in losing their interest in your music. So grammatically wrong lyrics can serve as a fantastic way to lose your audience. 

Here are some of the common grammatical mistakes that most songwriters often commit; these errors include the use of double negatives, using 'i' or 'me' after the coordinating conjunction 'and'. Another most common error is the incorrect use of verbs that do not allow direct objects and those that do.

Don't Make Your Song look like an Essay:

Songs are often considered to be a quick relief, so if your song is concise, well rhymed, and beautifully written, then it will definitely act as a relief factor. But if your song is long enough that it would give the listener an impression of listening to a rhythmic, rhyming essay, then sadly, you have failed to deliver your story. Long songs will not only distract the audience from the main message, but they would also frustrate the listeners. Most of the long songs lack an appropriate structure and often meander from one chord to another. The long songs usually don't have a clear distinction among the sections, which results in the loss of the listener's focus. 

This problem can be fixed by creating genius lyrics with the proper sentence construction and giving your song enough reviews.

Don't have a Herd of Ideas:

While writing a song, try to stick with a single idea. Don't try to narrate the multiple stories in your music because this would make your lyrics irrelevant. They are no longer focused on a single story but haphazardly conveying different ideas. Songs with numerous ideas have often been forgotten easily because the audience could not connect with all the stories. So try to stick with the single story, and if you are not able to express what you want to express, change the story but don't multiply it with other stories.

Don't Confuse Your Message with Rhymes:

Rhymes, no doubt, are one of the essential parts of the song, but too much rhyming can make your lyrics seem childish and immature. All the evergreen songs have a very moderate use of rhymes, conveying the song's message clearly.

To make your lyrics captivating, rhyme three words but try not to do this rhyming in the following few lines. Because rhyming is used to direct the listener's attention towards certain words so try to rhyme the words that are conveying your message and rhyme them in a proportion that would not fed up the listener.

Avoid the Controversial and Cliche Lyrics:

Try to avoid writing lyrics that can create controversies for you or for other people. Always try to be moderate while writing the songs, and don't cross your moral and ethical boundaries. Don't encourage bullying, racism and violence through your music. Also, don't use cliches in your lyrics and be original in what you are writing.

Always try to be gentle, meaningful and gracious in your music and let it heal and soothe people with its beautiful words, lovely beats and mesmerizing rhythms.

Nisar Ahmad

Author Bio:

Nisar Ahmad is a digital marketing expert. He considers bringing all the keywords like genius lyrics to the top of his duty and constantly.

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