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How to Minimize Harm When Letting Someone Go

Good leadership is about taking a constructive and positive approach to challenges, as well as opportunities. As a manager or employer, you strive to support your team and bring out the best in them. Sometimes you are faced with challenges, and most of the time you can iron out any issues for a more positive outcome.

However, with the best will in the world, sometimes things just don’t work out as you might hope. Deciding to let someone go can be tough, but if you have a solid reason to part ways with an employee, it’s likely for the best. Once you’ve made the decision, there’s no point in delaying the dismissal process, but you need to make sure you handle things with care and professionalism, too.

Before you go ahead with the dismissal, you need to understand what’s at stake. First of all, there’s a huge risk of upsetting people. That’s inevitable to a certain extent. Being fired is a type of rejection, and that can hurt a lot. It’s also pretty stressful on the part of the person doing the firing, and can be confusing and upsetting for colleagues and co-workers. 

There are also serious repercussions involved in a poorly managed dismissal. As a manager or employer, you need to know where you stand in terms of employment law, and what are the rights of the people involved, to make sure you don’t get in trouble for violating those rights. You should also be aware of any security concerns relating to shared passwords or documentation, and how to protect your company’s sensitive data.

Above all, you need to approach your dismissal process professionally, but also with empathy and compassion. Remember that people’s lives and feelings are at stake, as well as your organization’s working culture and productivity. To help you plan your approach, HeadwayCapital put together a visual guide of 15 tips to avoid harmful mistakes when letting someone go....

Minimize Harm When Letting Someone Go
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