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Mindfulness in the Workplace: Tips to Increase Sales

Mindfulness practices can guarantee an improvement to the quality of life and mental health of everyone involved in your business. The pandemic has forced many to reevaluate their priorities and that includes how they want to interact with the businesses they use on a regular basis. 

Implementing mindfulness practices into your workplace is a great place to start to reinforce your sales process and fortify your team. 

Studies show that mindfulness can reduce stress, increase focus, improve listening skills and strengthen mental resilience. 

Practicing Mindfulness in the Workplace

Mindfulness can facilitate the ability to be fully present. Creating the skills needed to evaluate how you feel in the moment and why, more easily able to observe the social cues from those around you.

Nectar Marketplace has created a resource filled with actionable tips that will help you implement mindfulness practices into your sales process. You can also check out an additional 20 sales tips from Nectar to implement in 2022 guaranteed to drive growth. See the infographic below...

Mindfulness in the Workplace
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