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Understand Millennials if You
Want Them to Work for You


By Mikkie Mills

Millennials are entering workplaces in swarms, and if you want to attract the top talent from this demographic, you need to understand what makes them tick and what motivates them to join an organization, produce great work, and stay. There are several key factors that differentiate Millennials from other generations, and when you understand these key factors, you'll have a much easier time hiring them.

Use Millennials to Attract More Millennials

One of the best ways to attract Millennials is to use the social lure of working with people that they are likely to view as their peers. If Millennials see people their own age, they are more likely to see the company as one that they will fit in with. And they will feel confident that they will have like-minded colleagues.

Keep Scheduling Flexible

One of the biggest factors that will determine whether or not a Millennial sees a company as a good fit is if there is a flexible work schedule. This means that you should be open to work schedules that are outside traditional business hours. This should include some opportunities for employees to work from home if you businesses process allows for it.

Create Opportunities for Development

One of the biggest reasons that Millennials plan on leaving their current jobs is a lack of development. In fact, according to a Deloitte survey, of the Millennials who planned on leaving their current employers, 70% said that they were planning on leaving because of a lack of leadership training. They are itching to develop skills that will help them in their careers, and if you want to have a Millennial workforce that will stay around of the long haul, you'll need to find ways to give them opportunities to develop leadership skills and other talents that will help them throughout their lives.

As Richard Branson says, “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don't want to.”

Ensure There is a Sense of Purpose

Many Millennials want a greater sense of fulfillment, and they'll turn down jobs if the work doesn't line up with their values. If you want to attract and retain Millennial employees, you need to understand what they value and how you can help them align their values with a purpose within the company. Millennials are not content to go to a mindless job that devalues what they hold dear, and they'll leave for elsewhere if they see their job heading in that direction.

Offer Incentives

Millennials are looking for workplaces that give perks that make the work environments more pleasant. For instance, making a workplace pet-friendly will be appreciated by millennials. But they also want a general sense of well-being within the group. In short, they want the work environment to be a fun and welcoming place to come to.

Hire Them Quickly

With the way the economy is right now, if a Millennial is looking for a job, chances are they already have multiple offers. If your process is too lengthy, you might miss out on some top talent. Use applicant tracking systems to speed up your process and to make it easy for Millennials to find you. Try to keep your process as streamlined as possible to avoid delays.

Protect Health and Wellbeing

Many Millennials are looking for ways that they can stay healthy, and if you offer health and wellness benefits it won’t go unnoticed. Health insurance is an obvious benefit, but free gym memberships would also be an incentive. This also extends to mental health. Millennials want companies that will support their mental health by providing opportunities to care for themselves.

If you're looking to find and retain the top talent in the Millennial generation, use a variety of techniques to get inside their heads and keep them around for the long haul. Tweak your company culture a little to accommodate a couple of changes, and you'll reap the rewards.

About Mikkie Mills: “I’m a Chicago native who loves to share her expertise about personal development and growth. When I’m not writing, I’m chasing the little ones around or rock climbing at the local climbing gym.” More articles by Mikkie.
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