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Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Figure Out
Which Module Is Right for Your Business

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Applying ERP tools to business processes is a sensible decision for many organizations. Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides users with numerous tools. While all of them can be used simultaneously, it is also possible to apply a single module. This article will help you to choose the right one for your company.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 modules

Finance and Operations is a part of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 apps which can be used separately or combined with other software offered by Microsoft which covers even more areas including field service, automation of project service, customer service, retail, commerce, marketing and human resource. The users can benefit from database and infrastructure management as well as computational and business intelligence power.

Depending on the particular needs of a company, the Microsoft technology developed for managing business processes can be applied as SaaS.

Is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance right for you?

Regardless of the size of your company, its activity and revenue, finance is its central part. Some organizations can make do without state-of-the-art tools for managing any other area, yet, finance management has to be optimized to the maximum level.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance will prove effective for different businesses, however, it is particularly recommended for medium and large organizations preferring centralized finance management which can reach worldwide.

The design of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance is specifically tailored for companies enforcing a policy-driven strategy for managing their entities and business processes, with a moderate emphasis on the adaptation to local markets. At the same time, this app is useful due to its broad functionality, allowing to perform intricate business processes.

The features of this app available right out-of-the-box are already enough for completing demanding tasks, albeit, it can be extended even more by integration with other specialized Microsoft apps. Furthermore, there are special products on the market created by the trusted Microsoft partners for efficient testing of the tool performance as well as data anonymization.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance advantages

An essential function of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance is automation applicable to invoice processing as well as trend recognition, for instance, the trend of a company’s revenue. Another advantageous function of the Finance app is reporting and forecasting. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance assists the creation of analytical reports, while the techniques of artificial intelligence reveal the insights of the hidden risks and opportunities, which helps to plan your budget more efficiently.

A great benefit of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance is also its tools for managing credit and debt accounts. The compliance with tax laws of different countries is also supported. Benefiting from these advantages can be a great step to the success of your company.

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