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Microlearning and the Future of Workplace Training

Nearly 60% of all workers receive little to no workplace training and are forced to teach themselves. Those who are lucky enough to be trained are rarely given enough time for learning and are often taught skills and information that they won't use in the real world. Employees are dissatisfied and feel they could be doing much more if companies invest more into learning and change how they teach.

Traditional ways of teaching employees waste time and money and don't actually teach workers what they need to know. Learning management systems are poorly designed for those looking for specific information and learners aren't satisfied with these systems. Small, in-person, one-time training events can cost tens of thousands of dollars and courses or seminars can take hours to set up. Combined with needing to find other workers to cover for training days as well as finding and paying for instructors, facility rentals, and classroom equipment, costs add up fast.

Microlearning - the future of workplace training
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