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All You Need to Know About Metal Cup
Laser Engraving Machine

Before we move on to our topic, we think you should know what a laser metal cup engraver is. This is a process in which things break up into steam, leaving solid and deep trails in them. The laser rod acts as a marker, cutting the marker removing layers from the outer layer of the object. The laser metal cup engraver strikes the boundary with a large amount of energy to produce the heat needed to evaporate. Read more about metal cup laser engraving machine.

Metal Cup Laser Engraving Machine

Investing in Travel Cup Engraving

Travel cups are all the rage, especially in the US and Canada. Stainless steel cups have become a very attractive option for picnics and tours. Therefore, small businesses and DIY enthusiasts may want to start engraving metal cups and selling them or surprise their loved ones with intricate handwritten reminders. It is an excellent method because of the various benefits it offers. Suppose you want to record moving metal cups and are inexperienced. In that case, you can easily start using laser technology right away because laser engraving machines work like a normal computer printer with very little difference.

Yeti Cup Engraving

This drinkware has become a popular cup worldwide, especially in the US and Canada. Laser engraved cups are very popular, especially during the holidays. The cups are double-wall vacuum insulated and have a stainless steel kitchen sink that makes them stainless and resistant. This type of closed-cup can keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks when you drink them. And very desirable for easy outdoors. Yeti cups are considered a favorite gift for friends and family, and most foreign lovers love them. They are effective and economical. They are made of stainless steel, suitable for unique designs such as personal numbers, names, logos, or pictures.

Choosing the Right Fiber Laser Engraver For Metal Cups

The main way to achieve good laser marking machine is to mark the fiber laser. The CO2 laser marker is not suitable for metals. Laser fiber can be used on all types of metals. These machines are durable options for high performance especially stainless steel used for steel cups and all other travel cup options. They are very flexible and equipped with rotating axes to mark the highest level. They do this by marking with a high-output laser and a recording speed of up to 9000 mm / sec with distinctive marking and depth of recordings that do not pierce the cups. The service life of a fiber laser engraving machine is long.

How to Engrave Cups

When you get your equipment, you want to work as soon as possible.

To do great projects, you need to have the following:

  • The fiber laser marking machine has a rotating axis for quality marking.
  • Your Yeti or other travel cups.
  • Cermark Metal Marking Spray (12 oz.).
  • Denatured alcohol or another organic solvent.
  • Towel or cloth.
  • Masks and gloves (personal protective equipment).


  1. Lubricate a towel or rag with alcohol and thoroughly wipe the outside of the cups. This removes any fingerprints, grease, or abrasions that contaminate the laser marking quality.
  2. Apply Cermark, making sure you shake the tin to make a spray mixture uniform. You should spray CerMark well in the design area to get the best results.
  3. Leave the cups to dry for 20-30 minutes.
  4. Download your design and install it on your computer.
  5. Put the cup in the pivot and press the start button to start marking.
  6. After the printer is finished, release the cup, check the markings, and set the cup aside.
  7. You can now wash the cups to remove excess CerMark spray, which should come out easily, and pack them for shipment.
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