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Mega Films Break: The Best Silver Screen Staycation

Mega Films Break

Music creates deep connections with the soul, no wonder Plato said “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.” Similarly, movies also make deep connections for some people perhaps because of the theme, settings, or cultural affiliation. Hence, the experience of visiting real-life movie settings holds so much fun for movie lovers.

Fortunately, many amazing movie sites are available e.g. The Overlook Hotel of The Shining, Canto Bight of Star Wars, and Wakanda of Black Panther. Each of these locations has different costs, ranging from a thousand pounds to hundreds of thousands of pounds. The Betway team compiled some of the best silver screen Staycations alongside the cost to visit each of them.


This is an amazing silver screen staycation for fans of Harry Potter and lovers of magical places. It is one of the cheapest locations available, estimated below £200. Hogsmeade is the only wizarding village in Britain, featuring slanted roofs with dustings of snow and floating candles for guidance around the street and house, among other things. The Butterbeer and the Shrieking Shark are also major attractions.

Estimating the cost of visiting Hogsmeade is easier than many other options, according to the Betway team.


This location was opened recently hence most of the features are fairly untouched. It is a suitable silver screen staycation for countryside lovers as well as city fans, offering amazing landscapes with green fields, mountains, cascading waterfalls, beautiful purple sunsets, etc. This most advanced nation in the world is located in Africa.

Nairobi is chosen to be the nearest equivalent to Wakanda, as generally agreed by Marvel fans, hence the cost estimate was done based on the relatives in this location. The total cost estimate is about £1100.

Los Angeles 2019

The movie Blade Runner was released in 1982, featuring a Los Angeles in the distant November 2019. It is nothing like the Los Angeles we know; darkness and eternal rain replace the usual sunny-haze of downtown Los Angeles, no animals and hovering cars are the means of transport.

LA is used for estimating the cost of visiting this location, using cars instead of hovering cars. The total cost estimate is above £1100.

The Overlook Hotel

This is an amazing location for people looking to escape the stress of daily living. It is a big and spacious location that can be quite scary for some guests. It overlooks the beautiful Colorado mountains, with great glamour and charm.

Colorado’s Stanley Hotel was used for estimating the cost of visiting The Overlook Hotel. The accommodation and feeding costs provided on the hotel’s official website were combined with the travel and insurance costs, giving over £2500.

Canto Bight

This is a glamorous coastal city featuring one of the most luxurious casinos in the galaxy. The money bags of the world spend a lot of time here, enjoying the amazing experiences.

It is the most expensive silver screen staycation on this list, estimated to be over £200k.

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