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Mean Girls Musical an Outburst of
Witty Gags & Brutal Puns

Tina Fey’s brand new musical “Mean Girls,” an adaptation of the 2004 film of the same name, had the audience go wild with hysterics. With music by Jeff Richmond and lyrics by Nell Benjamin the musical is a straight masterpiece. If you liked the movie you will like the musical version even better.

In this review I’m covering all sides of the story what critics and loads more. Including a guide to get the cheap Mean Girls tickets even. So, read along to know more about this fantastic production.

What’s the story?

Aside from added puns and cracks in script as well as lyrics there is nothing much different than the original story. The title “Mean Girls” signifies the three leading ladies of North Shore High School. They are bitchier than your average high-school girls successfully earning them the title of “the Plastics”. Regina George is the wicked leader of the pack, with Gretchen Wieners her all-time-nervous assistant and Karen Smith, the clichéd dumb blonde in toe.

When Cady Heron moved to Chicago from Kenya her will to blend-in actually got her in trouble. But she doesn’t know it yet. Regina wants her to join the pack with a promise to make her popular. Real trouble starts when Cady unexpectedly falls in love with Regina’s ex Aaron Samuels. Which earns her glares from Regina and the rest of the pack. Candy eventually realizes she did wrong leaving her geek but true friends Janis and Damian for the Plastics. She rejoins the good girls and make a fool of the plastics in front of everyone.

What Do the Critics Think?

The musical isn’t just liked by you and me, many critics also took part describing the musical as they saw it:

According to Tickets4Musical (, Mean Girls is hilarious! They even admired the cast calling it sensational with fierce voices and acting chops that match. Entertainment Weekly adds, you’ll be already laughing before even making it inside the theater.

The Hollywood Reporter says the new gags freshened up the formula, improved the material and provided softer, more satisfying settlement. They also appraised the cast and characters as appealing and attention grabbers in both writing and performance.

Last but not the least, The Washington Post confirmed the musical as one that doesn’t insult intelligence, not theirs nor yours.

Why the Musical is Better?

You can get a general idea from the reviews above that the musical version is somewhat better than the movie. That makes you think why? The credit goes to impressive cast and creative. For starters, Tina Fey’s hilarious puns are no match. Like the course taught by Coach Carr on “Health and Human Sexuality” is sidesplittingly funny. Not to mention the one-liner by a student for her best friend as “almost too gay to function.”

Nell Benjamin’s lyrics aren’t half as bad for example “Where do you belong?” the song Janis and Damian sing while finding a suitable group for Cady. This exceptionally witty song took care to mention every cliché in the whole school.

Erika Henningsen as Cady Heron is all that you look in a girl who is trying hard to fit in. While Reneé Rapp as Regina George depicts effectively the kind of girl we all like to hate. Also, Krystina Alabado as Gretchen Wieners and Kate Rockwell as Karen Smith plaid their role equally notoriously. Barrett Wilbert Weed as Janis Sarkisian and Grey Henson as Damian Hubbard possess all the qualities you look in good pair of friends. Lastly Kyle Selig is stunning as Aaron Samuels.

Want to Buy Tickets? Here’s What to Do:

Mean Girls the Musical is all that you look in an experience out of the daily stressful life. Want to laugh out loud while leaving behind the torturing days of life? This is the musical you should be booking tickets for. To get the cheap Mean Girls Tickets, visit tickets4musical right now! This is the best destination for getting affordable Tickets that actually deliver on time.

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