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Matthew Trebek Is the Successful Son
of a Successful Father Alex Trebek

Alex & Matthew Trebek

The TV industry or Hollywood is well-known for its brilliant artists. Along with garnering popularity for themselves, children and parents of such celebrity also enjoy the glamorous lifestyle and fame. Spoiled kids of some of the celebrities, grab the media attention for creating rumours and controversy. But not everyone is the same! Alex Trebek who was a renowned TV personality is blessed to have a successful and hardworking son Matthew Trebek. Alex was popular for his 30+ years hosting of the popular quiz show Jeopardy.

Rather than following his father’s footsteps, Matthew Trebek tried his hands in business and launched several chains of restaurant at different location in USA. According to rumors, he has been interested in business especially hospitality industry while growing up. In one of the interviews, he revealed that his father was skeptical about his choice to open a restaurant. But later, when he visited the space and saw his son panning out and unfolding, he became sure about the decision of his son. At present, he owns one pizza shop, a coffee shop, and three restaurants in Harlem New York. At the age of 31, he has become a well known entrepreneur who is serving authentic dishes with delicious flavors.

Family and Educational Background

Born on February 3, 1991 Matthew Trebek was named as Matthew Alexander Trebek. He holds the nationality of America and belongs to Canadian-Ukrainian-French descent. He is the eldest and only son of Alex Trebek along with her sister Emily Trebek who was a TV personality and Jean Currivan who was a real estate agent. He was raised along with his younger sister Emily Trebek in Los Angeles, USA who is both a real estate agent and a TV personality. He has frequently appeared on his fathers show along with his sister and mother. Talking about his educational background, Matthew attended the same school Campbell Hall from kindergarten till high school where he played football, baseball, and soccer. For further studies, he had joined Fordham University from where he earned a degree in Communication and Business Administration degree. To polish his skills and gained expertise as a mixologist, he also attended National Bartenders. He is still unmarried and does not have any rumors regarding romantic relationship. His residence of Manhattan was being gifted by his father. He also received a townhouse worth $1.92 million from his father.

On November 8, 2020 the family was shook from the death of Alex Trebex at the age of 80. He was suffering from stage 4 pancreatic cancer and passed away while fighting a lengthy battle. In the year 2007, he suffered a minor heart attack and was admitted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

Success Story of His Career

In 2011, Matthew Trebek took first step towards his successful career. After polishing his skills at different institutions, he wanted to gain an on-field experience and hence had joined a contractor to learn about restaurant design. He also worked at ASG Media as Creative Department Assistant where he had organized products on the website for advertisement. In May 2016, he began his professional career when he had established his own restaurant “Oso” with his friend “Nodar Moshiashvili”. The restaurant is renowned place now in North Harlem which is known for its Mexican cuisine.

His idea of starting a restaurant was not supported by father initially. However, he proved his father wrong by taking his business to heights and expanding it. With the success of the restaurant, the business partner extended their business and established a coffee shop “Lucille’s” which was named after Matthew’s grandmother “Lucille Lagace”. In 2019, they also launched a take-up pizza shop “Pizza by Lucille’s”. So currently, he co-owns three restaurants in North Harlem, in the neighborhood of New York City. Along with Nodar, he hosted a weekly soup kitchen show “Lucille’s Family Meal”. He is sure that his venture can open opportunities for other industries like graphic design, food, drinks, music, and more hospitality ventures. His estimated net worth is valued to be $3 million approximately whereas his father has accumulated the wealth of worth $75 million.

Despite being a restaurant owner, he himself goes to the local farmer’s market every Sunday to purchase carne asada tacos and quesadillas. Though he was raised around television vicinity, he is not inclined towards the Hollywood affair. His father has hosted various shows including “Battlestars”, “Double Dare”, “The Wizard of Odds”, and “To Tell The Truth”.

Interesting facts about Matthew Trebek

  • Matthew’s father was previously married to Elaine, who has a daughter Nicky Trebek with her previous husband. Nicky is now an adopted step-sister of Matthew.
  • Before starting his own restaurant, he has worked at “Widow Road” restaurant in Chelsea.
  • He has participated in many paintball tournaments. He has been active in sports since school days.
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