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Small Business Owners: Don't be Fooled by
These 8 Marketing Myths

marketing myths

Despite being a well-known concept nowadays, you will be shocked to know that digital marketing isn’t that old. It’s been around only for about two decades. However, during this short span, digital marketing has gained popularity exponentially.

From being a completely new concept, it has become a widely known concept. However, this led to the creation of some misconceptions about digital marketing. A few of these myths are so common that you might have a hard time believing us.

Believing in these myths can make you follow the wrong strategy. This can hurt your business more than you think. Hence, it is recommended to read this article carefully and make a digital marketing strategy accordingly.

Myth # 1: “Only Large Businesses Can Afford Digital Marketing Services”

This is one of the most common misconceptions about digital marketing, especially among small business owners. You might have heard about this too, probably not in the exact words but the same sense. It is true that when the concept of digital and online marketing was budding, it wasn’t that budget friendly. 

However, with time, things changed, and digital marketing is not that expensive anymore. If you think that only large businesses have the budget to endure digital marketing, you might be wrong. Today’s digital marketing offers many tools to perform all those activities, only large businesses could afford back in the day.

These tools help small companies in engaging and communicating with many potential customers without a proper call center. Similarly, digital marketing services allow you to sell worldwide without opening an actual retail shop. It also helps in analyzing the buying preferences of targeted customers. This too, without having help from any big marketing research company.

Myth # 2: “Creating an Attractive Website is Enough”

That is as wrong as it gets. There is no doubt that an attractive website is one of the essentials in digital marketing. But it is certainly not enough. No matter how efficiently a website is created, if its content is not updated regularly, it is dead.

Do not think that if you put up a strong website, thousands of potential visitors will start visiting it just like that. This, in no way, can be regarded as digital marketing. You need to update your website regularly. Make sure to add the latest information.

It is 2020. Nobody is interested in what was happening in 2010. If you do not take this seriously, your website will not attract the right kind of customers, or any kind of customers, for that matter.

There is no magic in digital marketing. You have to work some angle, be it organic SEO, influencer marketing, or using target-specific demographic with social media ads.

Myth # 3: “Let’s Target Everyone on the Planet”

This myth is as offensive as it sounds. Believe it or not, some people think this is a good digital marketing strategy. While having a lofty goal isn’t always a bad idea, in this case, it is.

If you do not know your audience, your digital marketing strategy is set to fail. Since, if you do not know who you are targeting, how are you supposed to create content for them? If the content is so generic that it doesn’t attract anyone, who would come to your website?

Myth # 4: “Take One Thing and Post-it Everywhere”

We still see a lot of this happening. Please make sure to not follow this practice blindly. No matter how tempted you are to post that amazing ad to all the digital marketing platforms, don’t do it.

Always make channel-specific strategies. Make separate templates for each channel. The type of content you send in an email is not the same as your post on Pinterest. What you post on Facebook should be different than what you post on Instagram.

Myth # 5: “Emails are old-fashioned”

Next time you think nobody reads their emails anymore, think again. 

Think of the last time you opened your email account. We bet it would be quite recently. All the stable organizations still use emails as their primary mode of communication and will continue to do so. Why? Because no other mode of communication is as stable as emails. 

Email marketing remains to be an ingenious method. You can cater to individual readers effectively and remarket in unique ways. It never lets your potential customers forget you. 

Furthermore, email automation has opened new doors. It is an efficient, cost-effective and inexpensive mode of marketing.

Myth # 6: “We Don’t Need a Website, Social Media Accounts Are Enough”

We agree that social media marketing is quite an effective tool. But, please note that these social media platforms cannot, in any way, replace your website. This myth is highly under practice. Today, we see many businesses that indulge all their powers and efforts into their social networks and completely ignore the web.

Remember that your website is your electronic identity. This is where customers will come and buy your products. Even if the website exists but isn’t well-managed, it will have bad impacts on your business.

Myth # 7: “Negative Reviews Will Kill Your Business”

This is a tricky one. Online business owners have nightmares of receiving hate comments and social media shaming. It is a common presumption that negative reviews will end your business once for all. You can block a person or two but how will you delete each comment from all social media networks? What about negative ratings?

This is where you need to play smartly. With one easy strategy, you can turn haters into fans and your biggest ambassadors. How? As soon as you receive a negative comment, give feedback right away. Apologize comprehensively for the inconvenience and ensure the customer that the issue will be taken care of.

Do not just say this but also resolve the problem as soon as possible. Also, leave contact details. When other customers will see your response to negative comments, they will be impressed by your efficient and responsive customer service. This is the kind of businessman; everyone wants to do business with.

Myth # 8: “SEO Is Hyped”

If anyone believes in this, he/she couldn’t be more wrong. SEO is not going anywhere, anytime soon.

If you want to be a successful digital marketer, make SEO your best friend. This is the only steady way to make you known among your potential clients. The organic traffic can take your business through the roof. 

Sure, people will see you on social networks. They might click, they might not. But if they see you in top-ranked pages on search engines, they are opening your website.

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