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Marketing as a New Business: Problems Overcome

Marketing can be pretty tough in any business. From middling companies, to the biggest ones you can think of. Every business faces issues in marketing. Small businesses face unique problems of a small work staff, small budget and less global reach, however, there are always solutions to these problems which come in different packages. Whether software to help sales, different techniques, or a new approach to sales altogether, your new business doesn’t have to be left in the cold. Try these tips to give your business sales a boost. 

Get Some Team Training

If you’re a new business, it’s logical to assume your sales team and staff are new too. Depending on your business stream, they may be coming on board in an entry level role, or perhaps they’ve already got some applicable sales experience. Either way, a great idea is to get some sales training from a professional who has done it for years. You can either approach a sales trainer directly on an individual basis, or instead reach out to a training company. Just make sure they train the kind of sales you’ll be most active within. For example, if you’re cold calling, you’ll need respective training, whereas closing inbound leads requires a different kind of sales based skill. 

Focus On Your Data

What data are you using to try and make sales? Do you use an online database, information gathered from websites? There are many ways you can make sales but usually you need the right data to approach the sale properly. For example, if you were mainly trying to sell to other businesses instead of end users, you might want to look into B2B data enrichment which is essentially a method for overcoming marketing budget and resource constraints. Focusing on your date essentially gives you more ammunition to use. It allows you to target the business you want to sell to in a bespoke way. The data can allow you to create a unique offering, which will of course be more attractive to the business. This way, you’ll have a far higher chance to close the sale. 

Price Snipe

Unless you’re a business marketing a brand new product or service, which is unlikely, you’re going to be competing with businesses that have been in the public eye for a certain number of years. This means the only way you can beat them out to sales is by offering your services or products for less. It can be hard doing this when you’re brand new. You could instead consider offering a better service in some way or another. Check what your key competitors are charging, and snipe at the price. Shout about it on your social platforms and tell as many applicable businesses as possible. At the end of the day, businesses want to keep their expenditure down, so if you offer a brilliant product or service at a better rate they might just go for it.

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