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The Manufacturing Industry:
Where It's Going To Change

Technology is unending. There’s always something new coming out or coming to the fore that supersedes whatever people are currently using. Smartphones are a prime example. Every year, a new one comes out that’s better than the old one. Technology progresses so fast that each year there's something new. The manufacturing industry is affected by this fast stride of change like none other. As the end-users needs are constantly updated manufacturers are left competing with one another. This can be quite expensive as machinery costs a lot. Change is always necessary for a business to stay viable. Here’s how manufacturers are doing it.

Updated Materials

Newer technology means better and stronger materials. If you don’t update your materials listing end users will want to speak to manufacturers who have access to newer materials that better suit their components or products. Materials like hdpe (high density polyethylene) and other multi-use materials are becoming pretty popular. If you own a business in the industry, make sure you’re using the newest and strongest materials. It can be expensive sometimes to upgrade everything to handle the new materials, but your client base will appreciate it. Staying ahead of the material curve can be hard, but if you keep your ear to the ground it’s certainly possible. 

Secure Top Talent

Talent moves fast in the manufacturing game. There are always new jobs for top talent to go to and higher-paying roles. It can be really hard to keep good talent, especially in the wake of the coronavirus where every business seems to be begging for top-quality talent. Do all you can to keep and secure top talent because you can bet there’s another company out there who will happily take them off your hands. Don’t do anything petty and make sure you offer fair compensation while keeping a flexible work schedule.

On the other hand, if you need to pick up talent in the manufacturing industry you just need to keep your eye out for disgruntled employees elsewhere. They will exist and you can use social media sites like LinkedIn or Reddit to find them. Poach them wherever you can. If you get the right employees they’ll help take your business to new heights.

Manufacturing Industry

Robotic Output

You’ve probably seen Tesla’s Optimus, a robot that will be able to “eliminate dangerous household tasks”. Robotics are the future and if you can position yourself in the robotic industry, you and your business will be well placed going forward. Robotic technology is advancing each and every day. Soon robots will be able to do a lot of tasks previously done by humans. They’ll kill off jobs wholesale. Just look at long-haul trucking for an example. It won’t be possible for humans to have the job in the future because the trucks will be automated. It’s just a case of waiting for technology to get to the point where vehicles can be driven without a human at the wheel, and to the point where the legislature in each country allows it to happen.

Find Inspiration Over Seas

To stay ahead of the engineering curve is hard but if you can take trips to conferences and trade shows you’ll be able to keep informed of recent developments. This means going to engineering hubs around the world like the U.K, Germany, and even places like China. Ensure your passport picture is up to date, get on the plane, and see what's on offer elsewhere. The engineering industry changes fast and you can never know where the next big development is going to come from. If you travel to the right conference, you might just step ahead of the game.

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