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The Process of Making Whiskey in a Distillery

Have you ever wondered how whiskey is actually made in the huge distillery? Do you wish to know more about the process and the overall steps it takes in order to get that unique and flavorful taste? If you are someone who is interested to know the process of making whiskey, then you have come to the right article.

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Malting and sprouting

The first step when it comes to making whiskey is to soak the seeds/grains and soak them for a sufficient amount of time so that they start sprouting. Once they do this, an enzyme called amylase will convert barley into simple sugars. After the sprouting occurs, you can then grind them up into fine pieces.


The second step to making whiskey is to mix the cooked grain in warm water. During this stage, keep in mind that the amylase in the mixture would convert starch to sugars. After the process ends, you end up with a sugar solution called mash.

After you have obtained this next step would be to take the mash and it to a vessel along with yeast. After a couple of days, the end product would be liquid containing 10% alcohol. The longer you keep the mixture for ferment, the better and more tasteful it is.


The next step is to take your mash and dry it to remove and vaporize the alcohol. This distillation process is repeated two times to obtain a high wine product that contains about 70% alcohol.

Now comes the process of aging, which is done in three steps. Firstly the smell is removed, the second lyric is reacted with oxygen, and the third is interaction with wood. On a normal basis, it takes about 5-7 years for whiskey to age, but at, you can get whiskey that is aged for more than 10 years.


This next stage of making whiskey is a rather tricky and difficult stage as the batch of whiskey is so large it is time-consuming to blend all the whiskey to get the same flavor and viscosity levels.

In the blending process, certain things are added, such as caramel and neutral grain spirit. After all of this is done, you get whiskey which you can bottle up for days and months. It is advisable to add water when drinking to get a balanced ratio of 50% alcohol content.


So that is all when it comes to making whisky in large distillery areas. Hopefully, by now, you have a better understanding of how whiskey is made and for how long it is kept.

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