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Tips To Making An Effective Career Change

  • Are you fed up with your Present job? 
  • Drenched in Fatigued psychology? 
  • Tasks and Responsibilities feel Strangling? 

These are the indications that you are not liking your present job. 

So now the so-called ghost of quitting the job haunts you, right? 

We have intended to help you solve the predicament that to leave or not to leave- through this Article. Please give some time to this article, who knows it might work for you!


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Change Career: Some Notable Statistical Figures

My Friend you are not alone jostling amidst tension, Confusion and decision. We understand that a continuous tug of war is being played inside your mind.

  • In a recent poll it was found that around 56% of American Employees are considering changing careers.
  • Around 44% have already started planning to make a change in their career. 
  • According to an observation made by the Bureau of Labour Statistica, employees with wages and Salaries stay in a company for an average of 4.2 year.
  • Between the age of 18 to 24 an individual changes jobs at an average of 5.7 times.
  • The year went by, around 32% between the Age groups considered career change.
  • Around 39% of the employees and professionals are changing jobs for expectation of salary hike
  • A good percentage of employees are not happy with the present career and this might rise from constant pressure of hierarchy to deliver instant results (39%).
  •  Employees are judging career options through the lens of flexibility as they prefer to work in an organisation where there is flexibility of working hours (37%).

Benefits Of Career Change

There are certain benefits associated with Career Change, if we are ready to keep aside the uncertainty and risks involved.

Expanding One's Knowledge

Professionals prefer to change careers because they want to gain more knowledge that they are not getting in their old job.

Gaining New Experience 

Change in Career denotes new experiences and knowledge. With new technological feedings and new knowledge increases new experiences too. 

This is the reason employees wish to change their present jobs and shift to a completely new career. m

Facing New Challenge 

It happens that certain employees accept challenges in their daily life. They are doing the repetitive things day in and day out which extracts the boredom. 

They dissociate themselves from the responsibilities. Therefore it could be understood that such a responsibility becomes completely old for them.

Tips For Effective Career Change 

There are certain tips for a better career change. Let's find and explore them.

1. Assess Your Interests

You need to continuously assess your capabilities. Remember the work that you would like to engage in is one of your interests. 

A human mind always oscillates between the haves and the have nots. It is the inquisitive nature that prevents an employee from continuously thinking regarding what new it could do to make a living.

2. Evaluate Your Current Job Satisfaction

Try to write a note. Identify the area that bothers you the most. Try to identify the reasons that make you most unhappy. 

You need to constantly push your present boundaries so that you excel. 

3. Check Out Jobs

You need to conduct a preliminary research regarding the availability of jobs that are available in the market. 

Engage yourself with a comparative evaluation to see which kinds of jobs available in the market fits you.

4. Make An Action Plan

Once that you have gotten yourself in the decision that you need to change, prepare with an action plan. Chalk out the preliminary goals and ideas. 

Take the necessary training to gain competency. This will act to provide you with the required confidence. Assign yourself daily with tasks and responsibility to evaluate yourself.

5. Network With The Right People

Opportunity is indeed a big thing in a career. In order to get the opportunity you need to be highly motivated and prepare yourself for the purpose.

You need to interact with the right kind of people who will be able to guide you in your dreams. This is highly necessary to get success.


Have courage that it is only you that could deliver at the right time. Try to understand your positives and strong points.

Try to evaluate your capabilities continuously. Do not find yourself let down. So pick up your desires and dive for a change. 

Change is always for the BETTER. 

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