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5 Simple Yet Powerful Tips for Making
Your Brand Noticeable in 2022

As everyone talks of resolutions and fresh starts with the new year, you should think about what you could do differently for your business.

One of the best things about reassessing your business is giving your brand some deserved attention.

Here is how you can get your 2022 started in a way that calls attention to your brand:

1. Send New Email Sequences

Send your customers personalized emails. You can go simple with a short yet heartfelt message about all the accomplishments of last year and goals of this year, making sure to include any effects and positive changes your customers should experience. A simple email reminds them that you care. On the other hand, the more sophisticated option lets you wow them and offer something for their loyalty.

You could offer discounts or promotions apart from the post-Christmas period sales you may be running. You could even launch a flash sale for the next 24 or so hours. If you want something different, you could launch a loyalty plan that benefits the clients for as long as five months. You should ensure that you time this as perfectly as possible so that you don’t get lost in the sea of other companies thinking like you.

2. Get Creative on Your Social Platform

Social platforms are at their busiest in December. This state hasn’t entirely dissipated in the early days of January, and you can take advantage of it. People are still all over their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, buying stuff, sending, and receiving New Year’s greetings. This is why it’s a good time to remind your customers of your presence.

Get active and engage your customers with challenges, offers, and discounts. For example, you can give prizes for the best holiday pictures or even a discount for those who stuck to their resolutions in the last year.

3. Show 2021’s Highs and Layout 2022’s Map

It would be best if you understood the importance of glancing back at past years and appreciating the milestones you’ve achieved. This motivates you going into 2022 and grabs your customers’ attention. You can then give them a teaser for what they should expect for your brand in the coming year.

You can create a video with an amazing showcase of both years. Talk about what you want to do better if you’ve had several or many complaints about it. A virtual reality display that touches on social responsibility enough is set to generate massive attention. With the steadily growing popularity of Tik Tok, you should consider getting on there.

4. Unveil Something New

Do you have anything new to offer this year? If yes, I hope you teased it enough toward the end of last year. Now is the time to launch. Choose a great advertising strategy, tagline, and everything that you need to make your product as appealing as possible. Starting the year with a new outstanding product makes your brand remain as fresh as possible.

5. Tease a Rebrand

Few things draw and maintain consumers’ attention more than the launch of a new look. They always want to see if there are perks that come with it. Many companies have launched brand revamps in this year’s onset. But you’re not yet late. You can launch a tease campaign for your rebrand as you get everything in order.

As the excitement builds, ensure that your rebrand shows cohesion across all your platforms. Ensure that your socials and website reflect this relaunch. You should also update your custom packaging so that its messaging and imagery communicate this coherence.

Remember that you don’t have to overhaul your brand entirely. For instance, you can focus on the fonts and color schemes and maintain most of the other aspects. All you need to do is find the right fit for your company.

Conclusion: The Timing is Perfect

People love fresh starts. And this year winding down from the height of the pandemic years always feels like the perfect time for a fresh start – another chance to try again if not make better what was good. The best way to tap into this is to adopt as many of these five strategies as you can. You will give your brand a recharge for the next twelve months if you do.

If you have started doing any of the above, well done. Try the rest. If not, you aren’t too late – the timing is perfect. Good luck!

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