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Your Business is Legit - Make Sure
Your Phone Carrier Knows It

If your business makes any kind of phone calls to consumers, then chances are you’re familiar with the frustration of many of your calls being blocked or ignored as consumers assume it’s a spam call. Of course there’s a very good reason for consumers to be skeptical. 

Currently, the US is the 8th most spammed country in the world with an average of 54% of incoming calls being spam. Forty-six percent of Americans receive spam calls every day, which is great for spammers since they are making about $375 per American, and the cost to us was $10 billion in 2020 alone. 

All of this creates a huge problem for reputable businesses who are simply trying to connect with consumers. Although phone carriers have established spam algorithms to combat this issue, these algorithms are imperfect and many businesses are getting mistakenly flagged as spam. 

Fortunately legislators have taken note and have created new regulations that will help to turn the tide. STIR/SHAKEN regulations will help restore trust in phone communications. It works through a phone carrier authentication process that will let the receiver know whether the call has been verified, partially verified, or is potentially spam. 

Businesses will be able to benefit greatly from these regulations, but having a system in place to help them navigate the waters will also help them to make the most of their phone communications. 

Make Sure Your Phone Carrier Knows Business is Legit
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