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How to Quit Your Day Job and Make Money Freelancing

The number of people switching from contracted employment to freelancing is on the rise. Over 60% of current freelancers quit their 9-5 jobs within the last five years, and millions more dream about following in their footsteps.

But what makes freelancing so appealing? Well, freelancers can make more money, work fewer hours, and there’s no micromanaging boss peering over your shoulder every five minutes.

Interested? We thought so.

Now check out this infographic on becoming a freelancer from ZenBusiness. This detailed guide walks you through everything there is to know about the freelancing life, including finding clients, building productive working relationships,and managing your time like a professional.

And for those nervous about making the initial leap, there's a section outlining the eight things you need to do before going freelance. You'll learn about lining up your first gigs, the secrets of successful networking, and the best freelancing tools to help you get started

So read on, soak up the information, and use it to make the change you've been waiting for…

Make Money Freelancing


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