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What Can Your LTL Trucking Company
do for You?

LTL Trucking

Less-than-load trucking, usually referred to as LTL, is a form of shipping that is mostly used by small to mid-sized companies for their shipping needs. LTL is often preferred by companies with items that are too numerous to justify parcel shipping as well as those whose shipping needs aren't robust enough for larger truckloads. There are many benefits to using LTL freight shipping for companies of all sizes.

LTL is a low-cost alternative

LTL trucking is a less expensive alternative to FTL or full-load trucking. Imagine this scenario: You have freight that needs to be delivered. You don't have enough freight to fill a trailer. You also cannot wait for more items to ship. You could pay for a full-truck or you could pay only for the number of items and weight of freight that you need to ship, while the remainder of the space in the trailer is used by other companies with the same needs. This far less expensive option is an obvious choice.

LTL saves money in other ways

LTL shipping can move more often than FTL. You don't need to wait for a stockpile to fill an entire truck. Likewise, most freight companies have LTL shipments that run on regular schedules. Sometimes these schedules include deliveries multiple times throughout a week. More frequent shipping means fewer warehouse costs. More frequent shipping also means your customers have access to your products sooner than if you would have had to wait for a larger truckload. LTL companies also use an electronic system to keep track of all inventory that goes into and out of the truck. Your business doesn't have to spend the extra money on training, staff, and software for keeping up with these items as they travel.

LTL Trucking

Self-shipping is no longer needed

Businesses with small or infrequent packages can use parcel shipping services with ease. Larger shipments require in-house shippers, complete with inventory control and full oversight of shipping from beginning to end. You can avoid the expense and headache of an in-house shipping department by hiring an LTL trucking company to handle all of the logistics for you. Also, an LTL company will be able to help you with insurance issues. These companies offer direct tracking, which means they have immediate access to all parcels. LTL companies also carry insurance that covers their responsibility if they accidentally damage items. They even often help with insurance claims when items are damaged through no fault of their own.

Lower loads offer more flexibility

LTL shipping methods provide regular transport of your goods. You can schedule multiple shipments per week if you need it. The opposite is also true. Instead of weekly shipments, you can use LTL shipping bi-weekly, monthly or even a few times throughout the year. There is no need to have a particular schedule if that does not work for you or your business.

LTL shipping improves your environmental impact

Every responsible company wants to reduce the impact they have on the environment. Using an LTL company allows you to reduce your impact as well as the impact of other companies in your area. How? Vehicles represent a major contribution to air pollution. Less-than-load trucking keeps fewer vehicles on the road by consolidating smaller shipments into one trailer rather than having multiple, half-filled trailers on the road. This positive step is one that every business can feel good about.

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