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Get the Low Fade Pompadour Hairstyle

Pompadour Hairstyle

The low fade pompadour hairstyle dates back to the 1950s and was very popular with celebrities in the music and film industry. In modern times, the pompadour has made a comeback and is one of the most trending hairstyles for men. This hairstyle is a combination of two very popular haircuts, the low fade haircut, and the pompadour. The hairstyle is characterized by short tapered sides with longer length hair on the top. The ‘fade’ refers to the blending of the different lengths of hair on the back and sides of the head to give a progressive transition from very short to long hair.

There are two basic types of fade haircuts: the low fade and the high fade. The low fade has a lesser skin showing compared to the high fade, which can have the short taper go all the way up to the crown of the head. With a modern low fade pompadour, the taper starts to get thicker closer to the ear.

The pompadour is more about the hair on the top. It features a large bulk of hair in the front that slowly retreats towards the back of the head. This look is mostly for hair types that are thick and wavy so that the weight of the hair can support the style made. However for people with thin hair, there is not much room for playing around with styling but it still can be done using products such as gel, wax, etc.

What type of pompadour will suit your face shape?

Pompadour Hairstyle

Generally, the low fade is a short length haircut and any hair type works with it. The short sides flatter round or square faces the most as they give the appearance of a narrower face. With hair on the top with a pompadour, it adds the appearance of length to the face. Oval shaped faces are naturally balanced in dimensions and can work with this hairstyle. For oblong shaped face styles, make sure there is not too much volume on the top. That will make the face look longer.

How to cut it?

The first step to get the haircut is to cut short the hair at the lower back of the neck and sides to a minimum length with the help of a razor and then taper upwards. A low fade makes an effect at the lower ends and keeps a slighter medium to a longer length in the mid and at the top. This fade creates the foundation of the haircut. Now for the pomp, you need to roll the brush towards the back while pushing the hair forward and upward. After that, keep dividing the hair into sections and blow drying at the same time. Continue doing this and end it with spending some extra time at the very front for extra volume by taking some water-based or other pomade and working it through the top of the hair and styling it side by side.

How to style a pompadour fade?

Once you have got the required haircut, you can style a pompadour fade with the following steps:

  • Make sure your hair is clean and dry.
  • Use a product such as a pomade or wax, slick back the hair from the sides. This will ensure even if you have slightly longer hair, the slick back move will make it appear shorter.
  • Grab a blow dryer with high heat setting and a round brush. The high heat ensures more volume for the hair. Make sure you don’t get too close to the hair or else you might damage the hair.
  • While using the blow dryer to push the hair towards the back of the head, use the round brush to push the hair forward and then upwards. This adds volume to the hair and gives it the classic pompadour style. This step can be challenging as you have to blow dry and brush at the same time. You can also use the assistance of another person to either do the blow dry or brush.
  • The front of the head should be higher than the rest of the hairstyle so spend some extra time getting more volume near the front.
  • Once you are done with the brush and blow-dry, use the same product you used on the sides to add a bit of hold to the hair on top. The product will make sure the volume and shape remain the same.
  • The last step is to add hair spray. Hold the hair spray at least 6 inches away from the hair and give a short blast to cover the top of the head. The hair spray adds more hold to the hairstyle. Your pompadour low fade is complete.
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