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6 Logo Design Red Alerts That Can Jeopardize Your Marketing Plans

Companies spend a considerable amount on logos yet very few of them get to have an ideal logo design for their business’s representation.


Because many of them get distracted along the way via various enticing gimmicks to have a professional logo design. In reality, these moneysaving shortcuts prove a havoc for their marketing plan when they unveil their new custom logo design and become a subject of memes, jokes and pun in the eyes of their key audience. To save you from such an awful experience upon unveiling your new custom logo design, here are some red alerts that you must identify and avoid using at any cost when redesigning your logo.

No Brainstorming

The key element, that you’d find in every successful logo project, is that the team sits together and brainstorms different possibilities. This gives them a wide ground to experiment and conclude which works best and which doesn’t when they present the final design to the client. One of the easiest mistakes, that you must avoid at any cost, is to skip brainstorming session with your logo designer when you invest in a new custom logo design. Because without having different design options at your hands, you won’t be able to select the finest and end up with a mediocre logo design which would be the biggest turnoff when you unveil your new business logo.

Online Logo Makers

Due to the abundance of online advancement, many small business owners opt for online logo making tools that offer a comprehensive logo template option. There is no harm of using such online tools as long as you’re using them for learning purposes but not if you want to have a logo for professional representation.

The problem is that they do offer you unlimited logo templates but fail to offer you the base idea of your logo design. And the idea is one of the strongest elements in the recipe of a successful custom logo design. So, never ever go for a free logo maker if you want to compete with your competitors who are spending thousands of $$$ on their professional logo design.

Too Familiar Design

KFC is a famous food chain restaurant that became an easy design inspiration for many procrastinating brands. Apart from KFC, you’d have seen AFC, BFC, CFC and the list goes on and on.

This is a big turnoff for consumers when they pay a little attention and discover it’s a copy instead of the original KFC.

Do you want be called a copycat in front of your consumers? Because that moment would end your brand’s life even before it takes a proper start. So, if you want to avoid your brand from such grave embarrassment, try having a unique custom logo design instead of opting for an idea that’s too common.

Unattractive Colors

Can you name one reason why brands fail at having a new logo?

It’s the poor color selection for their logo!

Yes, it’s the poor color selection that leads brands towards the logo design disaster that you should avoid at any cost. Colors are used in the logo designs to instill different emotions and you should use them very strategically for strengthening your brand further in the eyes of your customers. So, sit with your graphic designer and ask for different color variations of your logo design and select the best one.

Irrelevant Font Selection

Typography, being an important part of the whole logo design process, is often ignored. And this is where the brands fail to have an impressive logo!

You must revisit your business structure, the kind of marketing that you’ve planned and then select a font that goes with it. Because a wrong font selection can ruin your whole logo design plan that you’re trying to incorporate in your marketing strategies.

Confusing Design Approach

Can you tell what’s your logo about in the first glance?

And while you answer this question, be honest and look at it from your consumer’s perspective. That’s because if your logo confuses the viewer, you need to have another, fresh custom logo design. Because a logo is meant to create a connection with your target consumers and not to confuse them.

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