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Lingerie Wear for Different Body Types

Have you ever wondered how you could spice things up in bed with your partner? For any lingerie to look good on you, you should be well conversant with your body type since both go hand in hand.

Body Type and the best sexy lingerie match

Banana/Straight/Rectangle body shape

Women with the above body shape have their waist measured in relation to their hips and bust. The above women's bodies appear slimmer compared to other body types. Lingerie retailers like The Bad Peach advises that the best lingerie for these women to purchase is one with lower body wear as it cinches their waist, making them appear curvaceous. Wearing push-up bras is also a plus for these women since it increases the volume on the upper part.

Spoon body shape

This body type has narrow shoulders and bursts and larger hips than average. Women with the above body shape have a well-defined waist, thick thighs, and underarms. The best lingerie would be a padded bra to increase the midsection. People with spoon body shapes can wear any panties due to their well-defined hips.

Pear/Triangle body shape 

Pear body shape includes wide hips with narrow shoulders and bust. Women with the above body shape have well-defined sloppy arms and are slim. The top-notch lingerie the above body type should consider is a lacy negligee since it offers room for the bust to be well-fixated. The lingerie should have a bandeau bra that will bring a distinction of the narrow shoulders to match the broad hips. The bandeau draws attention to the bust. Ruffled pants are also ideal for the triangle body shape due to the wide hips.

Inverted Triangle body shape

The inverted triangle figure includes larger busts, shoulders, and narrow hips. The best lingerie would be one with teddy designs and halter necks. Ladies with a flat ass should consider wearing a thong to make the bum distinct.

Diamond body shape

A person with a diamond body shape will have narrow shoulders and wider midsections accompanied by a lower body. The bust may be smaller than expected. Wearing a nest lingerie will divert attention from the tummy and thus be one of the best. Bralettes are also good, as well as lacy or cotton panties with some puff. It is advisable to wear anything that will cinch your waist as a diamond body shape lady since it might ruin your sexy appearance.

Hourglass body shape

An hourglass body type is among the best body types for any lingerie due to the blend of having the bust and hips being of the same size and a narrow waist. Any design of lingerie will suit an hourglass lady. Corsets, teddies and garter belts can also be accessories for hourglass shape ladies.

Oval/Round body type

The oval/round body shape includes a larger bust, narrow hips and fuller midsections. Satin or chemises lingerie best suits the ladies with the above body shape.

Lingerie is sexy if worn in the correct body shape since body shapes go in handy with any lingerie. Avoid buying lingerie based on appearance or colour. Your body type should be the key consideration when buying sexy lingerie. When you select lingerie that suits your body type, you feel confident walking up to your partner in that sexy look. Setting the mood between you and your partner in the room can be spiced up by that sexy lingerie. The Bad Peach should be your best plug for the best lingerie.

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