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Leading the Negotiations Out of the Deadlock:
Workable Tips From a Weathered Negotiator

Leading the Negotiations

It may happen so that even the best-planned and predictable negotiations run into a tight corner with the prospect of losing the deal. Sometimes it really means the end, and all you can do is close your folder with documents and shake hands with the other party as a goodbye. But frequently, such deadlocks are only temporary glitches on the path to success. A few strategic tricks may help you solve the puzzle and set the talks on the right track again. 

Where to get these valuable skills and tricks? In some good training on negotiation skills, of course, under the guidance of experienced negotiators. They will help you see how these tricks unfold in real-life settings, what the hidden dangers are, and how you can apply them according to your personality and unique professional traits. 

The Top Chart of Practical Tips to Use in the Stalemate Negotiations

1. Be flexible and focused on cooperation, not ‘killing’ the other party 

Sometimes being extremely aggressive or ‘soft’ can help you get the deal, but the consequences may not be that pleasant. For aggressive negotiators, their first deal with the company is usually their last. For ‘soft’ negotiators, the outcome may be close to total failure, so the negotiations may not have happened at all. When you focus on cooperation and look for the signal of this readiness in the opposing party, you will work towards the common goal. The concluded deal will create the foundation for further expansion of collaboration. 

2. Send a legal ‘spy’ into the company you plan to negotiate with 

It is that easy: send a person as an applicant seeking to fill the vacancy at the target company. When HR offers the interviewee to ask questions, the list should be prepared in advance. 

3. Do your own open-source and networking research

Google, ask questions, ask people who can be connected to people in that company. Your goal is not to steal secrets. On the contrary, your goal is to find out the company’s inner ‘pain spots’ and prepare your negotiation offers that will appease this pain. 

4. Catch and use the ‘emotional wavelength’ of your opposing party

It is closely linked to the previous one. During the talks, listen to the other party, pick the key points they put forward and focus on them in your presentation when these points match your assumed advantages. Like, if they worry about pricing and logistics, mention how you will facilitate the routing or shipping, etc. Do not focus on the prices (especially if they are high). Instead of stepping on the sore toe, help them cure it (at least partially). 

5. Let your teammates have their say 

Play ‘a bad cop and a good cop’, especially if you negotiate as a team. Let one of the team put forward the exaggerated condition or claim, and then mutually lower the stakes to the level acceptable for everyone. 

6. No time for ghosts: avoid bringing up or discussing the competitors

Do not try to blacken the image of competitors, even when the other party tries to invoke them in the discussion. Say clearly that you cannot discuss policies or offers of others, but you can explain everything about your company, pricing, services, and warranties. Appeal to ethics and good practice. Otherwise, the opponents will blackmail you with the list of ‘competitors’ who do it cheaper or better.

7. Retreat and regroup when necessary 

Take your time in decision-making. Besides, when the deal is stuck and one of the parties wants to exit, the other party may concede in order to save the deal. Do the careful timing and be the party that dictates the rules, not plays by them. 

Good luck in your negotiations! We are sure that with proper training, you will score excellent contracts and will be viewed as a desired business partner worldwide!

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