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Want to Launch Your Own Coffee Shop? Start Here

Coffee shops are ever popular among the locality, especially if they’re run by a local business instead of one of the regional powerhouses. However, they’re also pretty hard to run and get going. They come with a chunk of overheads and the margins can literally be razor thin. If you do things well though you’ll be profitable and make money. There’s a reason there are so many spread over the world. How can you make sure you’re successful? These tips can get you started.

Pick the Perfect Location for Your Coffee Shop

Location is everything. You have to pick a patch that isn’t overly saturated with other coffee shops for a start, but it can’t be in the middle of nowhere either. A little competition is sometimes a good thing. Some coffee shop owners decide to go to residential areas, while others situate themselves in large corporate areas full of office workers who are needing their caffeine injection before work or during lunch. Look at your city. It’s likely that you know it really well. Then make your decision carefully, while taking all of this into account. This is probably the most important decision you’ll make in the whole process. Also, don’t get too excited when you think you’ve found a location. A lot of the time, you’ll have to speak to your local authority for permission and they won’t always grant it. Work on putting a good case forward.

Make Good Coffee

It’s important that you make good coffee. There’s no point opening a coffee shop if you can’t. It might be that you want to go on a course or two to learn how to make it, or maybe you’ve been a barista before and know how to do it. Then you need good coffee. For a start, you need good machines. Start with an espresso machine commercial variety and go from there. It’s important to get a commercial machine as you’ll be using it nonstop. You can grab a pre used one to help you start out. Then think about the actual coffee. Maybe you just want to use one brand and be known for it, or perhaps you want to offer variety to the customers. Point is, if you can’t make nice coffee, your shop isn’t going to be around for a while. 

What Kind of Food Will You Offer

Coffee shops usually offer food of the snack variety. Perhaps a bagel or sandwich. Maybe a panini. They usually don’t offer full meals as that’s straying into restaurant territory. Have a think about what you want to offer. It will change from city to city because the locals will have their own expectations regarding what should be on offer. At the same time, think about sweet snacks. Cake goes really well with coffee. Offer something which tastes really good. Maybe you’re a great baker, or you might just want to grab a good one from wholesale. Know what food you’re going to offer before you launch so you can get your backboards and menus printed and in good shape, ready to go. If you’re really struggling, think about asking people what they’d like on the menu before you launch. It’s a good way to interact with the community. 

Launch With a Bang

Shout and scream about it. Make sure everyone in the area and the city knows about it. A good bit of advice is to send coupons out to the residential area offering money off their first purchases. It brings people into your shop for the first time and allows you to give that stellar first impression. Create your FaceBook and other social media accounts so that you can talk about it online too. Speak to local magazines and newspapers and see about being featured as a new business owner. Whatever you can do to spread the news, do it. The more people who know the better the launch will be. 

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