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Last-mile Delivery: Problems and
Solutions for a Smooth Business

Last-mile Delivery

The last-mile delivery is the last phase of the delivery process, which covers a journey from the distribution center to the ultimate consumer. If the last-mile delivery services are efficient, the relationship between logistics and eCommerce is strengthened.

The last-mile delivery is the most important element of logistics since its prime objective is to deliver the package to the customers as quickly and safely as possible. When it's done right, it can be profitable for the business in terms of time and money.

But, there are several problems associated with last-mile delivery services. If you miss the delivery schedules, or the fuel prices rise, and there are chances of incorrect deliveries, it can lead to the business's downfall and create a wrong impression on people overall. More than 61% of logistics companies say that last-mile delivery is the most inefficient and tedious process in the entire supply chain.

So here we're discussing the problems that are associated with last-mile delivery solutions and how can you bring efficient changes in your working patterns to improve these flaws:

Lack of visibility of the tracking status:

A customer is always eager to know about his product. They want to know the real-time status of their delivery so that they can plan their schedule accordingly. Visibility is a key feature to keep the customers loyal and associated with your business for an infinite period.

Businesses can sign up for delivery management software that increases the transparency into the last-mile delivery.

Higher cost of deliveries:

The last mile deliveries tend to get expensive for both the customer and the business since there is a rising demand for same-day and next-day delivery services. In addition, since the virtual platform is extensively available in almost every part of the world, companies are finding ways to deliver goods to complex areas, which can be dangerous and costly.

Failed deliveries, extra stops along the delivery route, drivers' salaries, and fleet operation are additional costs incurred by a company. The cost is almost doubled when a first delivery attempt fails and must be rescheduled.

Companies must keep extra allowances for such mishappenings and plan the efficiency in routes to mitigate their expenses.

Assembly, skilled unpacking, and installation:

Several packages require unpacking and installation on site. In addition, the assembled product must be similar to that of what was shown in the picture.

If the assembly is not done correctly, the customer can refuse to pay or return the product from the door. Therefore a trained technician should be hired for more bulky items migrating from traditional retail to eCommerce.

If you are situated in Canada, then choose only those last-mile carrier services in Canada which offer Multi-channel Ordering, Access to a professional fleet, Live Tracking, Signature & Proof of Delivery, and Data Analytics at very efficient costs to improve your last mile logistic solutions.

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