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Types of Laser Engraving/Marking Machine
in the Market

The Laser Engraving/Marking Machine is used to engrave and mark/carveout letters, numbers, names, and other special characters on the products. Laser Engraving Machine has made it easier and quicker to mark on any metallic and non-metallic object. People can identify the product of a certain brand because their brand name or logo is carved out on the product surface. It makes it eye-catching and attractive as well. Ink printing was usually used before the Laser Engraving Machines methodology for carving out but it was a complicated process.

These machines make the whole process of engraving easier and reliable. There are different varieties of Laser Engraving machines in the market. These types are mentioned below:

Engraving Machine Incorporated with Fiber Laser

Elevated power levels are provided by a fiber laser engraving machine. It is effective for the engraving of hard metallic materials.The range of power levels of fiber laser is between20 to 50 watts. This type of laser engraving machine is ideal for deeper carvings/markings.Fiber Laser engraving machines produce fine engravings and markings. The huge lens occupied by fiber laser engraving machines is quite helpful in carving out bulk items at a time.

Fiber laser use for color marking, annealing, foaming, and carbonizing as well. Color marking done by Fiber laser gives contrasting shades on the material. The shades are produced by controlling the machine's speed, width, powers and its frequency. A fiber laser engraving machine is used to carry out the process of annealing which is a process to generate colors and for the stiffening the metallic surface. The fiber laser is a powerful laser engraving machine for sale. in the market.

Engraving Machine Incorporated with Green Laser

Engraving/carving on a material that is reflective can be done skillfully by using an engraving machine incorporated with Green Laser. A specialty of engraving machines incorporated with green laser is micro marking which is fine and comprehensible. Sensitive materials on which marking is to be done with precision and accuracy then green laser engraver is the best option in the market.5 watts to 10 watts is the power range of a green laser incorporated engraver. It is a type of Laser engraving machine that is specially designed for sensitive material like soft plastic. Green laser mitigates thermal power to engrave and mark. It can also mitigate low thermal energy to engrave on sensitive materials.

UV Laser Engraving Machine

The wavelength range occupied by UV laser engraving machines is 10 nm to 40 nm which is a shorter range in comparison with visible light and an elevated wavelength range in comparison with X-rays. In the pharmaceutical industry and medicine as well as UV laser engraving/marking machine is most abundantly used. The materials which are made up of plastic, in particular, are engraved by UV laser machines because plastic cannot withstand heat, and UV laser dissipated very much less heat.

UV laser engraving machine is used in the electrical industry to engrave or mark on electronic products and circuits. UV laser engraving machine can also mark on glass with no risk of glass fracture. UV laser Engraving/marking machine efficiently uses power to mark and engrave.

Laser Engraving

CO2 Laser Engraving Machine

CO2 Laser engraving machine is used for labeling and marking food products packaging in particular. It is also used in the electronic industry to engrave and mark on electronic circuits and other electronic products. Its Marking/carvings on paper and leather are very qualitative as compared to other machines. Engraving of glass materials and coated metals is also done using CO2 laser engraving machines.

Engraving Machines incorporated with MOPA

The engraving machines incorporated with MOPA is quite similar to Fiber laser engraving machines. The shape and design of both machines are similar but the specifications and working of the MOPA laser engraving machine and fiber laser engraving machine are quite different from each other. Engraving machine incorporated with MOPA laser is used to mark and engrave on the steel material. MOPA laser gives an impact of colorful and bright carvings on the stainless-steel material. It is very effectual laser engraving machine for stainless steel.

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