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Essential Online Tools to Boost
Your Motivation and Productivity Flow

By Gloria Kopp

When you need a little help in the productivity department, turn to your online tools for an entire arsenal of motivating and performance boosting resources that'll really get things moving.

1. Asana
Keep the entire team on track and organized, while keeping the productivity flowing with this collaborative tool. Everything you're working on will be kept together in one place, and delegating work to different people is a cinch. It's just $21 a month to get your team of 5 working together online.

2. Hootsuite
Social media management at its best! Keep track of everything happening in your social network through Hootsuite's easy to use dashboard. You'll have the ability to schedule posts, delegate assignments, measure performance and more, while you're connecting with over 35 popular social media networks.

3. Boomessays
Get things done faster with the help of the expert writers at BoomEssays. When you've got a little too much on your plate, delegate some of the work to these professionals, who are all experts in their field and are committed to providing you with high quality, relevant content.

4. Toggl
If you want to know where you spent the last few hours, when you should have been working productively, then turn to this simple time tracker tool. Weekly reports let you see where you're spending – and wasting – time that would otherwise be highly productive. See this review from someone who found it to be super useful.

5. Rescue Time
Get in-depth and into detail about where you're losing productivity. Let's face it, there's a lot out there that distracts us quite easily. Rescue Time will create a log of what programs and websites you're spending the most time on, then detailing the specifics about when your most productive times of the day and days of the week are. If you want to really kick up the productivity, upgrade to a premium membership, that lets you block out distracting websites. A comprehensive review of RescueTime.

6. Evernote
Sometimes inspiration can strike at the worst time – but with Evernote, you'll never have an inopportune time for that burst of insight to flash into your mind. Never push the pause button on inspiration again! With this handy app, you'll be able to save notes in both audio and text, set reminders for yourself and more, all while syncing across your different devices. So, whether you're adding items on your phone, desktop, or tablet, you'll have access to it all no matter where you are.

7. Essayroo
Enlist the help of the pros at EssayRoo when you just need to get the job done. The work they do is guaranteed to meet your satisfaction, and since they're all field experts in what they're writing about, you can rest assured that you'll be getting great, on-point content.

8. Upwork
When the job needs to get done, but you just don't have time to do it, it's time to call for backup. Post the job you need done on Upwork, and let the freelancers come to you with their proposals. You'll have to give a cut of the project payment to Upwork, but it's a small price to pay to get the job done.

9. LastPass
With so much else going on in everyday life, who's got the time or the memory to remember all of the passwords that come along with every single account we've created that we'll need regular access to. Some passwords require capital letters, some insist on including numbers, and some won't even let you use a real word in your password. LastPass is a secure tool for remembering all of your different passwords, and keeping them all safe in one location. Alternative password managers are reviewed here.

10. SaneBox
Regain control of your email inbox with the help of SaneBox. By looking at your past and ongoing activity, it'll figure out what's important to you and what isn't. It won't delete those 'less important' emails, but rather it'll move them to a different folder to look through later. It's just a great way of uncluttering your inbox, so you can easily see and respond to the most important messages.

11. Pocket
If you see something that you're interested in, whether it's an article, video or image, but you don't have time at the moment to check it out, just put it in your pocket for later! With this handy little app, you can easily save things to your Pocket so you can look at them when you've got time. So, you'll never miss out on something because you can't seem to find it again – just look in your pocket!

12. Trello
For those looking to collaborate online, but want something that allows you to organize things in a more visual manner, Trello is what you're looking for. Drag and drop tasks, lists and labels at your leisure. While it doesn't differ much in the way of other organizational and project management tools, it does allow you to visually organize, which is a wonderful alternative for those who are more visually inclined.

Sometimes it can feel like your progress is stagnant, or not moving as quickly and productively as you'd like. By enlisting the help of some incredible online resources, you can help boost up your motivation, get your organization and time management under control, and increase your productivity flow.

Gloria Kopp is a web content writer and an elearning consultant from Manville city. She graduated from University of Wyoming and started a career of a creative writer. She works as an editor and a paper writer at UK Writings service. Besides, she is a regular contributor to such websites as Studydemic, HuffingtonPost, Engadget, etc.
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