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What You Should Know Before Buy Organoclay

To purchase organoclay bentonite, you need to find a professional supplier and manufacturer, and you need to know the uses of organo clay. Meanwhile, getting a good price will help your purchase to get the maximum benefit.

This article will deeply discuss what is organoclay rheological additive and applications. Generally speaking, the application of hectorite organoclay is very widespread.


What is organophilic clay?

Organoclay bentonite is a kind of white powder. It is a chemical additive. It is widely used in various application fields. The most common and widely used industrial fields are oilfield drilling, paint, coating, lubricant, ink and cosmetics.

Organoclay bentonite organophilic clay is a kind of bentonite after amine treatment. It is mainly used to improve the suspension performance of drilling fluid and providing support for weighting agents, and greatly improve the removal of cutting materials. It is an effective viscosifier gelling agent.

At the same time, organobentonite clay is also helpful to the formation of filter cake and filtration control.


Application of Organophilic clay in oil drilling mud 

Facts have proved that the organo clay bentonite produced by Camp Shinning has a very good performance in drilling, workover and completion fluids. It needs better mixing and shearing force to form enough viscosity.

The specific choice of CP-982, CP992 or CP-250A produced by Camp Shinning depends on your base oil. In short, mineral oil usually requires higher concentration than diesel oil. The organoclays bentonite will not yield completely under the action of sufficient shear force and certain temperature in the slurry during full mixing. After adding organophilic bentonite clay, the viscosity and strength in the mud will maintain a certain balance.

Application of Organo clay in Paints, Coatings

When organoclays is applied to paint and coatings, our main goal is to have a certain degree of sedimentation resistance, because it can prevent pigment precipitation. Of course, thixotropy performance and rheological properties are also a major requirement for organo clays bentonite in coating production. In this regard, the organic bentonite produced by Camp Shinning has been exported for nearly 20 years, and its performance in this regard is very stable.


Application of Organoclay in Grease Lubricant

But when organophilic bentonite clay is used in lubricating grease, there are three models: CP-40,CP-MPZ,CP-250A. Which model you choose depends on your base oil. In this point, it is similar to the application in oil drilling, because different base oils have a direct impact on the selection of our different organophilic clay models.

We can give a brief introduction. The organoclay rheological additive CP-40 produced by Camp Shinning is mainly used in the lubricating grease of diesel oil system.

CP-MPZ is mainly used in lubricating grease with mineral oil as the base oil, and its dispersion performance is particularly outstanding.

At present, rheological additive CP-250A is the top model applied in grease of Camp Shinning. It is mainly used in the system where synthetic oil is the base oil. Its biggest feature is that its dispersion performance is particularly good and its variable performance, rheological performance, anti settling performance, etc. are all very perfect.

Application of Rheology Modifier in Cosmetics

Rheological additive is used in cosmetics, mainly in nail polish. At present, CP - 27 produced by Camp Shinning have outstanding performance in the production of cosmetics nail polish, mainly reflecting their good rheological properties and anti settling properties.

If you have requirements for thixotropic performance, the organo clay CP-27 can meet your goal.


Advantages Of Organoclay

  1. For the suspension of weight materials, provides gel structure and viscosity.
  2. Improves hole-cleaning capability by increasing viscosity. Enhances filter-cake quality and filtration characteristics.
  3. Effective gelling agent in packer fluids and casing packs
  4. High purity, low silica content.
  5. Wide application range, fit for most polarity solvent.
  6. Fine dispersion and particle size.
  7. Good self-activated property, Polar activator can be eliminated
  8. Gel is very transparent and of light color.
  9. Thixotropy with low viscosity. High anti-settling and anti-sag performance.
  10. Excellent anti-settling and anti-sag performance.

High speed shear can improve the rheological and thickening properties of organo bentonite clay.

When used in paint,grease lubricat, the organic bentonite modified by bentonite has excellent rheological and anti-settling capabilities for the paint grease formula, including in the oil drilling mud. Its rheological property is also quite significant. Additionally, it can help seal borehole rock fissures by being a part of the pressure fluid, which is advantageous for suspension.

Organoclay based products is a cheap chemical additive that has excellent properties for suspension and dispersion. When used as a thickener for oil-based mud, it is quite advantageous. The rheological properties of drilling fluid bring it closer to conformance with environmental norms, it will maintain stronger stability within a certain temperature range than the traditional organo bentonite.

Organo clay is a multi-functional organic thickener with high rheological and adsorption characteristics, making it a great addition for organoclay products. It can improve the products' fluidity and anti-sedimentation.

As a result, organic bentonite can be added to oil drilling mud and oil paint and is soluble in both water and oil. It is frequently utilized in sticky paint and lubricants. 


Organoclay rheological additive characteristics

An organoclay rheological addition that imparts sag resistance .

For instance, CP -186D is a superb option for usage in low- and middle-polar solvent systems. It is a suitable ingredient for paints and sealants with solvent bases and is offered as a pale yellow, free-flowing powder.

A modified form of bentonite called organoclay can aid in preventing the of precipitation pigment and filler. Additionally, it creates a film-like covering for organic binder systems by acting as a powerful tackifier. Organoclay's distinct size restriction makes it possible to give materials a range of rheological capabilities.

Clay minerals and organic substances are combined to create organoclays. These substances have previously been present in drilling fluids with an oil base. They are suitable additives for various phases of drilling due to their rheological characteristics.

Additionally, it has thixotropic properties and is excellent for paints and coatings.

Because it gives the appropriate rheological qualities to a system while maintaining gloss, and transparency, organoclay is a superior rheological addition. In clear systems, especially aqueous systems, it can be easy to disperse..

Organophilic clay gellants can increase viscosity in addition to dispersion.

An adaptable rheological ingredient, organoclay can be employed in a variety of coating applications. Its thixotropic shear thinning characteristic is advantageous for industrial and architectural coatings. Organoclay is used to either enhance the solids content of a solution or decrease the viscosity of a liquid, depending on the desired level of thickening.

The kind and quantity of a particular organic quaternary amine utilized as a modifier determines the rheological characteristics of organoclay. These modifiers can lessen the resistance to sagging while maintaining the paint's leveling and flow.

A fluid's viscosity falls when it is subjected to high shear rates. The cuts must possess this quality in order to remain suspended. This characteristic aids in cost management for pumps.

Cost of organo bentonites

Based on the degree of raw material and processing treatment, the price of organoclay bentonite varies according to the numerous application fields ($1.7 to $3.3).

If you are troubled by the purchase of organoclay bentonite, please contact us now, and we will provide you with high quality products and competitive prices

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