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5 Ways Successful People
Structure Their Day

successful people

By Olivia Williams Jones

Some people may be born under a lucky star, while others have to struggle their way to a successful career and financial independence – but what they all have in common is how they manage their time, and the habits they build to support their goals.

They plan ahead

There is no time to waste on the road to professional glory, and with that in mind, having a clear schedule with a certain level of flexibility is of the essence when mapping out your day. This is where it gets tricky: you’ll need to find the right balance between establishing control and allowing for some leeway to make changes to your schedule.

With a clear overview of your daily responsibilities, such as meetings, conferences, reports, and the like, you can have a better chance of spending less time wondering, and more time doing. It also serves as a brilliant opportunity to practice self-discipline and delegating, as you will need to transfer some of the less relevant tasks to your subordinates, while you handle the key decisions and processes that shape your success.


They exercise regularly

Some would say that there are two types of people in this world: morning people and those who hate morning people. The former will find it easy to fiddle with their schedule and break a sweat first thing in the morning, while the latter might need some time to adapt, but the recipe is simple. Early-morning exercise is excellent for kickstarting your day, plus you’ll be joining the ranks of Dwayne the Rock Johnson and Richard Branson, among others!

You’ll help your body and your mind wake up and prepare for the day ahead, you’ll feel ready to tackle any new challenges, and you’ll feel great because you’ve already checked off one duty from your to-do list. If you have little time on your hands, even a quick 15-minute HIIT routine at home can do wonders for your body, while those in a little less of a hurry can squeeze in a lifting session at their gym, or even a yoga class for those who enjoy their stretching and breathing exercises.

mind what eat

They mind what they eat

Your entire body, your brain included, requires ample amounts of quickly-available energy for a productive day. Even if you have gotten used to munching later in the day, you’ll notice how your energy levels spike when you introduce the right kind of breakfast to your daily routine.

Before you ditch the idea, there are numerous healthy recipes you can treat your body to in the morning, after your exercise routine, to restore your glucose levels, and munch on plenty of protein for slow and steady energy. For people who like to eat on the go, you can use your blender such as KitchenAid to make delicious, protein-packed smoothies, and sip on your way to work, or as you go through your morning emails.

They keep distractions at bay

According to research, it takes about 23 minutes for your mind to recover after you’ve been distracted from your original task – which is a hell of a lot of time to waste when you consider how many distractions you need to filter every hour of every day at work and elsewhere. Successful people have made it this far precisely by sharpening their focus in order to minimize distractions for better performance.

In order to do the same, you should consider different tactics that best suit your environment and your specific situation – all of us work in different conditions and have different expectations, hence the need to think outside the box. Anything from muting your notifications, logging out of social media, to keeping your doors closed when you work on crucial projects can all be helpful to stay on top of the task at hand.


They make time for silence

So much has already been said about meditation that you probably already have an idea regarding its potential benefits for your health. However, the likes of Arianna Huffington and Jeff Weiner among many other famous business people use this ancient relaxation technique to clear their minds and sharpen their thinking.

These leading figures in each of their professional fields use meditation as a self-reflection method that helps them improve their leadership skills, and become better at what they do. Add to that all the other known perks of meditation, and you should definitely consider setting aside a chunk of your day for this wonderful habit!

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