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What Will the Jobs of the Future Look Like?

As we get closer to the end of the year, we must start thinking about what kinds of job skills will be valued in the upcoming year. Whether you’ve been laid off or simply looking for a new job skill, let’s take a look at where the jobs of the future are in fact going towards. Some in-demand skills will include visualizing data, cognitive flexibility, negotiating skills, people management, emotional intelligence (often referred to as EQ), creativity, and complex problem solving.

More specifically, some of the fastest growing occupations include home health aides, software developers, restaurant cooks and fast food workers, operations managers, and registered nurses. It’s helpful to know the trends to prepare yourself for what is likely to be a bumpy financial roller coaster that lies ahead.

Is your job at stake? Learn more about what’s in store for the jobs of the future in the visual deep dive below, courtesy of Executive Placements:

What Will the Jobs of the Future Look Like?


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