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Job Sectors That Are Least Impacted
During Covid-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic brought with itself a series of changes, most of which were undesirable, which we were forced to accept as a part of our lives. This virus affected many people across the globe not just by claiming their lives but also crippling them with mental, emotional and financial issues. It pushed the governments to impose restrictions on movement that led to the closing down of many businesses. The market crashed, several people lost their jobs and a lot of industries suffered losses. However, not all sectors were as severely affected by the virus. Certain sectors managed to remain afloat and make profits during the pandemic. A few sectors have been listed below.


The most obvious sector that was not in for a loss during the coronavirus pandemic is the healthcare sector. As the fatality of the virus increased, the importance of a good health infrastructure was highlighted. As the healthcare needs of the affected people became of prime importance the demands for the same also increased. Corporates and governments directed their resources into this sector to meet the growing demands of doctors, hospital beds, ventilators, masks, ppe kits and sanitizers. The coming years will witness an increased investment in this sector in order to strengthen the response capabilities of this sector to future diseases.


The insurance companies that cover life and healthcare were relatively immune to the disturbances in the economy. On the contrary, these companies witnessed an increase in the number of customer base. The coronavirus pandemic caused a lot of financial loss to people who did not have an insurance that covered their medical bills. As a result people realized the importance of having a medical insurance and started investing in it.


The lockdown restrictions imposed by the governments of several countries forced people to stay at home and work from home. As direct result, there was tremendous growth in the usage of telecom infrastructure like mobile data and internet since more and more people started relying on them for work from home, communication and entertainment purposes. In the current scenario it doesn’t seem likely that people will resume going to offices anytime soon and hence the future of the telecom industry looks bright.

E Commerce

Online shopping literally became the way of the world during the coronavirus pandemic giving the e commerce industries a much needed boost. Since the shops and malls shut down during the pandemic, people were driven to change their shopping habits. E commerce sites rescued the handicapped shoppers by offering them virtual shopping experience and providing doorstep delivery of products. Considering the several benefits of online shopping, this industry is set make lots of profit in the future as more and more people will be opting for it.

Video streaming

Since the usual avenues of entertainment were unavailable to people locked up inside their houses, they turned to video streaming apps to keep themselves entertained during the coronavirus pandemic. Several video streaming apps such as Netflix and Amazon Prime saw a surge in the number of subscribers during the pandemic. With more time to spend at home, this became an easy entertainment option for people of all age groups. The video streaming apps also ramped up their services by adding new content to their list in order to engage a wider customer base.

All the sectors mentioned above did not suffer during the coronavirus pandemic. In fact a few of them such as the healthcare sector started hiring new people in order to cope up with the increased workload faced by them during the pandemic.

Author Bio — Jolie Andre

I write articles based on my own experiences and learning. I have analysed that there could be several factors that causes stress and among them if you are working in a negative work culture, it further adds up. I love travelling to the best hill stations in Canada and would like to explore more in other beautiful countries.

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