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Six Amazing Job Opportunities for Students in the Next 2-5 Years

job opportunities for students

As Statista fairly admits, the rate of unemployment in the United States is 4%, so it means young people should not have problems with getting a job in this country. However, one should not forget that it depends on the personal desire, life goals, and, of course, education.

We have researched the current employment trends to make a list of the most wanted, highly-paid jobs. Perhaps, it will help some adolescents with their decisions. Focus on what you do the best and think where you can benefit based on this list.

job opportunities for students

Software Developers

Every teen today is using mobile and computer apps each day. Those are apps for communications, fun, entertainment, learning, business, and just some games. Have you ever thought about people who let you enjoy the world of software? With the rapid growth of computers technologies, companies demand more and more qualified web and mobile developers to join their staff. The number of app developers steadily goes up without any signs of the drop. A student should learn how to create everything from word processors to productivity applications for busy business people. Those could be educational tools for students and games for pure entertainment. Be ready to master:

  • Web design
  • Architecture
  • Programming languages
  • Marketing
  • Front-end and back-end development

On the whole, the employment opportunities are great! It is up to a professional software developer to choose an organization of his or her preference: design companies, financial structures, manufacturers or software publishers. All you need is a degree in information technologies or software engineering. The average salary per year is around $100,000, and the projected growth rate is roughly 30% by 2025! A lot of companies need software developers. For example, Olea Kiosks, a manufacturer of kiosks such as their popular check-in kiosk, need a lot of software developers.

Check out this resource for applying for a software developer job.

job opportunities for students

Physical Therapy

It is not that easy to become a physician. To become a physical therapist, one has to pass a long, thorny way: from Bachelor's to Doctor of Science. To gain BA, it is enough to spend four years in college or university. However, today it takes one and a half years to achieve Masters or Ph.D. degree instead of a single year like it was before. The degree in physical therapy deals with the following disciplines:

  • Biology
  • Anatomy
  • Healthcare & medicine
  • Nursing
  • Physics

The employment opportunities include prestigious positions in the hospitals, including private, and rehabilitation centers. The employment rate is quite low (something around 4%). According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average wages per year is something close to $85,500. The experts forecast the rapid increase by 33% in the next three years. So, be patient and study hard!

job opportunities for students

Aviation Technology

Space cases have always attracted the youth around the world. However, only minorities manage to complete degrees related to aeronautics or aviation. Airplanes and spaceship construction is fun, but it is the most responsible activity a human being may face in his or her life. Such fields arouse many difficulties on the way to the desired degree. At the same time, the fantastic opportunities and salaries attract plenty of young people across the globe, especially to Oxford, where they study astronomy and aeronautics in-depth on the corresponding faculty.

The positions in this field vary from the professional pilots to engineers and constructors. It is up to you to choose how risky your job should be. Mechanics is one more related field every student should master.

The employment opportunities are rather promising. As for the wages prediction, the experts believe it will keep on increasing from the average $60,000 annually. The employment rate, however, is just 4% due to the risks a representative of such profession should consider. The forecasted growth is only 5%.

job opportunities for students

Repairers and Installers

You may be shocked, but magazines like Forbes report that repairing industry will provide anyone with the corresponding degree with a workplace, attractive salary, and favorable social benefits. Thus, you should not make laugh of people who study engineering, for instance, instead of focusing on business opportunities in the field of IT. The Bureau of Labor Statistics proves the importance of installers and repairers by informing that these employees earn something around $77,000 annually.

The employment opportunities for the elevator installers and repairers are limited, but still well paid. The projected growth will reach 25 percent in the next five years.

job opportunities for students

Pharmacology and Medicine

If you are crazy about a single idea of creating a lifesaving drug or helping people with other medication, you might be interested in the field of pharmacology. In this area, people often end up employed having only a bachelor’s degree. Right, earning the highest reward in the shape of Ph.D. is not necessary in this field so that it may save you a couple of years. However, one should bear in mind that people with B.A. earn less than those with Master’s degrees. You may keep on obtaining a higher degree while having a part-time or seasonal job as a pharmaceutical specialist. Students mostly study drugs and their interactions while preparing to join this area, so the top studied subjects are:

  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Anatomy

This field also requires a lot of writing. Hopefully, you succeeded with your English Composition classes. Otherwise, certified paper writers online will help to accomplish your research papers in AMA, APA, or other recommended writing styles.

Usually, such people are demanded in the labs where new medicine is carried out, and older drugs are being tested. Hospitals, Clinique, and rehabilitation centers need such experts among their staff as well. You may wonder, but these professionals earn even more than pilots and engineers in the US: $105,000 per year on the average. It depends on the degree, work experience, and quality of drugs they produce or test.

Many students also opt to be a diabetic specialist and as far as I know, a lot of lives have been saved too by the recommendation of the best glucose meter.

As for the employment opportunities, they expand dramatically. Even though the employment rate for these professionals has fallen by 3% recently, the experts promise the growth of twenty-five percent in the next couple of years.

job opportunities for students

Computer Information Systems

Information technologies and computer science will always be wanted in the future world. Today, they did not reach even half of their potential according to the projected future we can see in the movies. Computer majors are most wanted among people who dream about launching a successful business startup or developing another best game of the century. The software industry is growing with the speed of light as well. Of course, not all related majors are equally demanded. While some earn more, others can’t even find a job in IT.

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The employment opportunities are almost unlimited for students who focus on information systems management and administration. The education will take only 3 years, but we recommend getting enrolled in some internships that may take one extra year. The internships are the important sources of experience in this field. In most cases, those who possess major in computer information systems management to get a cool position in large IT companies. The employment rate today is almost 7%. The median revenue is $60,000 annually while the forecasted growth is 18% in the next couple of years.

So, do you feel like any of these job opportunities is right for you? Weigh all pros and cons of each job once again. Try to be objective when it comes to assuming personal skills, knowledge, and experience. Come on, it is time to grow up and take it seriously!

About the Author: Gloria is a business and data management consultant. She works as a content manager at essay writing service.
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