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Best Invoice Software for Small Businesses


Using invoice software for your business will ensure that you are not missing out on any undue payments from clients.

Software like these helps you to keep track of all your receipts and bills, all in one place. It also helps you to send clients reminders about paying their invoices if they cross their due date.

Therefore, to ensure that your small business has the best invoice software for all purposes, you need to continue reading. We have listed five of the best invoice software that small businesses need to use.

Best Invoice Software For Small Businesses

Every business needs to use invoice software. It doesn't matter if it is a big business or a small one. Invoicing is an essential activity that should not be ignored.

Therefore, to ensure that your invoices get sent to clients on time, you need to use invoice software. To ensure that all payments are received on time, you can use any of these five invoice software for small businesses.

These invoice software are:

1. Zoho Invoice

Price: Monthly subscription plans start from $9 and are maxed at $29.

Zoho Invoice is touted to be one of the best invoice software for small-scale businesses for a long time. If you have a lot of invoices to send and receive, then managing them all is essential. Proper management ensures that payments are received for all and are kept track of.

It is to track invoices where the various features of Zoho Invoice really shine. This invoice software has the feature of automatically sending out receipts and notifications to clients through the mail. These notifications remind them of clearing their invoice dues on a periodic basis.

This is hassle-free since you do not need to manually send out these reminders. This software does that for you on its own. In addition, before sending out invoices to clients, you can customize them. You can make them look more visually pleasing by adding custom fonts to them.

However, do note that the price of the software becomes higher with more users that use it. Therefore, this is good for small businesses since having fewer users will mean that the price for monthly subscription plans will be cheaper.

2. Invoice2Go

Price: The cost of plans ranges from $5.99 to a maximum of $39.99, charged on a monthly basis.

As the name suggests, Invoice2Go is meant for accountants and entrepreneurs who like to work on the go. One of the biggest selling points of this application is that it is available for computers as well as for smartphones also. Therefore, android smartphones and iPhone users can easily install this app and use it.

It is this accessibility and portability that has made this software popular amongst accountants in entrepreneurs on the go. Having this app on your phone means that you can access your invoices wherever you want.

You can send invoices and check whether previously unpaid invoice dues have been paid or not. The best thing is that you can do all of these on the commute to work or from work, returning home. You can access the app through your smartphone anytime, making it very user-friendly to use.

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3. Invoice Ninja

Price: Free for use. However, premium plans with more features exist, with prices ranging from $14 to $44, paid on a monthly basis.

If you want speedy delivery of invoices and their payments, Invoice Ninja is the software that your business should use.

If you want better interaction with your client base, then this is the application that you should use. You can track the payment status of invoices and even remind clients to pay them on time.Similar to Zoho Invoice, the app will send automated reminders as notifications to clients. These messages will remind them to clear their invoice dues

4. Freshbooks

Price: Depends on the number of clients you have.

Freshbooks is the invoicing software that every accountant needs.

But why do we say so?

This is because it is one of the few applications that can integrate itself with other bookkeeping software for accountants. Therefore, you can easily keep track of invoices and record them in your books.

You can let your accountant integrate this app with other bookkeeping software as they see fit. For example, your accountant can use employee payroll and inventory management software with this application. This makes it easier to keep all your records of monetary transactions in one place and manage it better.

The price of this software depends on the number of clients you have. The various monthly pricing plans are:

  • $15 for managing five clients
  • $25 for managing fifty clients
  • $50 for managing 50+ clients (unlimited)

5. Hiveage

Price: Free of cost, with premium plans of $25 and $42.

The best feature about this invoice software for small businesses is that you can start using this software for free. This is an essential feature because many small businesses and startups cannot afford subscription plans for full-blown invoice software.

However, it’s important to note that using the free version will allow you to only manage five clients at once. If you have more clients than that, then you need to upgrade to premium plans for the best experience.

This feature of having both free and paid subscription plans makes this software very good for small businesses.

Since the size of your business is small at first, you can start using the free version to get accustomed to its features. Then, as your business and client base grows, you can upgrade to the premium version for better efficacy.


Using invoice software makes working around bills and receipts easier. You can manage and track all your invoices in one place using these apps. In addition, software like Freshbooks allows you to integrate bookkeeping and accounting applications with it.

Software like Zoho Invoice and Invoice2Go has many features in it that make it easier to work on the go. Also, Invoice Ninja and Hiveage have free plans in it that make it easier for small businesses to use them effectively.

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