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5 Tips that will Make it Interesting to
Write Your Essay

Writing an essay needs to be fun, but as many students will admit, it is everything else but fun. Most of the time as you will come to realize, you struggle to write your essay because you make the process boring. You have to inject fun in the write my essay process. You need to enjoy it, and the end product will also be something you will be proud of. The process affects the product, so, you need to make sure you tailor it towards the product you want. Well, experts from WriteMyEssayForMe have come up with several essay writing tips to help make sure you inject some fun in essay writing. Below are some tips to help you make essay writing interesting.

interesting to write your essay

Look at your essay the same way you look at a story

If you take a closer look at all the stories you read, you will notice two common themes: conflict and change. At some point, people’s opinions are at crossroads, but in the end, change prevails. Well, writing essays takes the same approach. A majority of the essays you will write involve conflict and change. Your ideas will always conflict with each other as each drive towards a particular and different goal. Like a story, you need to have a beginning, a middle, and an ending. You should write your essay with the above things in mind. A story also has something it seeks to convey, and your essay needs to have a central theme as well. So, think of a story first before you start thinking about how to make an essay fun or interesting.

Ask yourself what stands out for you about the topic you are handling

Before you start writing an essay, it is crucial to know what stands out for you about the topic you wish to tackle. What interests you about the topic? Asking yourself this question makes it easier for you to approach an essay from the point of knowledge. This is because you will have some background information regarding the topic. For you to answer the question of how to make your writing more interesting, you need to find something interesting to write about. It's definitely worth visiting the Copycrafter blog, as it lists 100+ college paper writing topics. So, look around you and take your time researching and you will find something interesting to write about. If you like what you are writing, you will deliver a great piece of work.

Do ample research and prepare yourself with several reference points

Great writers spend hours conducting research. These people spend hours trying to find or uncover more facts about the topics they wish to write about. In essay writing, you must understand the importance of citing and knowing which information will add to your arguments. Every argument you develop has a counterargument, and you need to know how best to rebuff the counterarguments. This means that you need to spend hours reading what people say about your topic. People’s perspectives are different and what you think of a topic could be wrong or already in the public limelight. So, grow your knowledge base, and your essays will exhibit your wide understanding of a topic. To become a better writer, you must practice reading. If you wish to know how to make your writing better, then you need to start spending time reading books and staying up-to-date.

interesting to write your essay

Start by writing your body, then write your introduction, and finally, write the conclusion

The structure of an essay starts with an introduction, then comes the body, and finally, the conclusion. However, when it comes to the actual process of writing, it is crucial that you start with the body, then write the introduction, and then the conclusion. But you should know that writing the body involves the arguments and points you develop as you conduct your research. So, take your time and do some great research. Then develop a tentative thesis statement which will guide your writing. Once you have a thesis statement, develop arguments to help communicate your message.

“Remember that you need to have a message or theme you wish to convey. So, make sure your arguments are clear and concise in the message they carry,” said Darren Barden, an outstanding essay writer at WriteMyEssayForMe.

After the body, write the introduction while making any changes you want to the thesis statement. Make the introduction interesting such that it captures the attention of your audience and creates anxiety in them such that they wish to know what is happening in the other parts of your essay. There are many interesting ways to start an essay, but the most common and easiest is to start with a hook. Hook your readers to your essay, and they will read it to the end. The conclusion should leave your audience either wanting more or with a thought that will stay with them hours or days after reading your essay.

Consider the what, why, and how questions

Asking yourself the what, why, and how questions make it easier for you to build your essay further. Asking these questions makes it easier for you to find fun things to write about as well as exhaust information on a topic. These questions help you think more about a topic and thus make it easier for you to develop an essay that considers all angles or perspectives. So, ask yourself these questions and find ample answers in your research.

In conclusion, essay writing does not have to be boring or something that makes you anxious and under a lot of stress. Essay writing can be fun. You can enjoy the process of research, coming up with your sources, and writing your essay. However, as they say, good things take time, and you have to take time reading, practicing, and challenging yourself if you wish to grow as a writer. The answer to the question of how to write an essay is very simple: read more. It all starts with reading and collecting as much information as possible. You cannot write about a topic you know nothing about. So, do more research and be a friend of the library.

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