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11 Innovative Careers to Put Your Creativity
to Good Use

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Have you grown up always sketching things and bringing your ideas to life in some way? If you have then that means that you are very creative. People usually have this perception that being creative cannot make a living but that is not true. Our world is progressing and many opportunities and careers have come into existence that only need a person to be innovative. Here a few jobs in different fields that only require a person to have this trait:


It is a known fact that whatever career you pursue in the business sector, it requires you to be creative. Creativity is the direct factor that determines if you have the ability to solve complex problems or not. However, in many jobs, creativity might be the least concerned factor but certain occupations truly involve imagination and ingenuity. If you like preparing budgets and managing expenses, designing new products and services and using promotional methods like advertising campaigns, then it means that you have a creative mind. Here are two jobs that require a person to make use of their creativity and come up with things:

1. Artistic Director

If you want to input your inventive ideas, then being an artistic director is the right option for you. They work in theatres, art festivals and orchestras. Along with creativity, you will also be responsible for managing the finances, memberships and other management areas. Moreover, you will also be responsible for increasing the number of people in the audience for the events that you organize.

2. Marketing Manager

People who think that they have the flair of being innovating and inventing new things, then marketing can be a suitable field for them. This role requires you to work with ad agencies, research companies, design houses, public relations firms and other such firms.


Fine art is a field, which is all about displaying your emotions and opinions through visual media like painting, drawing and photography. Here a few jobs that can be a great idea if someone wants to go for fine arts:

3. Cartoonist

If you always see the funny side of any situation that is, happening with you or with the people around you then being a cartoonist can be an astounding idea. They make use different kind of skills, blending, pictures and dialogues and combine it with their humour to create political cartoons and comic strips. They can sketch for famous newspaper columns, for ad agencies, greeting card companies or any other publication company.

4. Sculptor

Did you ever wonder who came up with the famous statue of liberty? It was actually a sculptor who came up with that idea and carved that idea into an actual 3D figure. The role of sculptors is to carve and construct designs and buildings or any other innovative thing using things like ice, wood, marble or stone. Sculptors can be useful in museums, art studios, however, this profession is also good for freelancing and you can get opportunities to work with many businesses and governmental agencies.

5. Photographer

If you have a good eye for colours, shadows, and compositions, then being a photographer can be useful. A photographer captures things and people around him and expresses his ideas and opinions through the pictures. They also record events and other special ceremonies. Some are responsible for producing original pictures that are sold in art galleries, some specialize in commercial photography, photojournalism or go for freelancing. Moreover, photography can be useful for many ad agencies, magazines, newspaper and other content-heavy websites.


Multimedia professional combines the use of cameras and computer to bring their idea to life. The games you play, the commercial websites you see are all the result of people who are in this profession.

6. Web Developer

The name says it all. A web developer is someone who creates websites. However, this does involve making mediocre websites. Web developers are supposed to develop innovating websites that speak to the users, design the technical framework and how the website will actually look. With the increasing use of internet and technology, this profession is expected to grow each year.

7. Video Game Designer

Some of the best games of all times were all designed by a video game designer. If you think that, you are a person who is obsessed with playing games on the play station then there is no better profession than this. It lets you design games, play them and even pays you a great deal for it. You get a chance to bring your own world into existence that runs by your rules and the players actually have to follow those rules or they lose the whole game.

8. Videographer

A videographer should have knowledge about which kind of lighting has different effects, film speeds, background choice. In addition to all the editing, you should also have knowledge about all the technical stuff as well. Videographers make documentaries and films on serious issues.


Marketing agencies, publishing firms and entertainment industries all want someone who knows their way with words and can represent their opinion in simple and well-crafted words:

9. Copywriter

If you are able to write things that generate the interest of people and inspires people into action, then being a copywriter is the right option or you. Copywriters use their writing skills to write engaging descriptions of products and services. Furthermore, they are also the one who writes for print ads, promotional websites, blogs and many more.

10. Editor

An editor is someone who edits the already written content making it look more polished and readable. This job requires an individual to be able to access the written article and figure out where the problem lies. Creativity and eye for detail are essential for this profession.

11. Technical Writer

A technical writer makes things easier for people by translating the geek language into plain English. All these instruction manuals and software documentation is written by technical writers.


The above-mentioned points are some of the professions that are for individuals who want to make use of their productivity and creativity and make a living out of it.

About the author:
Anthony Anson is a career counsellor and a writer who conducts seminars and sessions to educate students about different professions and careers. He also writes for AssignmentAce and assist children with the difficulties they face regarding their educating.

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