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How to Increase Productivity in the Workplace

Increase Productivity in the Workplace

Have you heard the phrase "quiet quitting?" It refers to a new phenomenon where workers do as little as possible in their jobs to protest their working conditions. For business owners, this trend means tremendously decreased productivity.

Unfortunately, this productivity decrease isn't new. In 2018, a Gallup poll found that only 34% of US workers felt engaged at work. Sadly, that figure tied for their highest reported percentage.

As a business owner, you may wonder how to increase productivity and engagement in your company. How can you prevent employees from feeling disengaged?

Fortunately, several strategies can help you increase productivity in your company. Check out this guide to find some of those strategies!

Encourage Further Education

One of the best ways to increase employee productivity is to offer chances to receive further education. When employers provide these opportunities, employees become more interested in their work.

Further education doesn't just make employees more engaged in their jobs. It helps them become better at what they do. They can learn new tricks and skills to make their work more efficient.

The question is, what kind of education should companies provide? There are a few routes you can pursue.

First, you can offer internal education in the form of cross-training and employee development. Help your workers grow and develop professionally within your business.

Second, you could encourage them to pursue higher education through tuition assistance. Your workers may want to work more when they can pursue a master's degree because of it.

Provide Employees with Technology

The next strategy to improve employee productivity is providing the best technology for the job. For example, many employees find themselves performing repetitive tasks each day. These tasks absorb their time and prevent them from performing higher order work.

This problem is just one of many that technology can solve. Technology can solve this issue through automation.

Automation can perform many of your most repetitive tasks without manual input. In return, your employees get more time to work on projects that require more engagement.

There are other ways technology can enhance your working environment. For example, cloud computing systems can better connect your teams and allow enhanced data sharing. Everybody can access vital documents from the cloud, saving time and confusion.

The biggest challenge to accessing these technological benefits is their cost. However, businesses can usually find providers who offer this technology for rates you can afford. Search the web to find providers who can provide scalable networks.

Build a Positive Company Culture

Productivity at work doesn't always come from the job itself. It also stems from people's belief in the company's vision.

For example, did you know that most Americans would take less money to do meaningful work? People want to believe that their work does more than earn a paycheck. They want to contribute their time and effort to support a broader vision.

So, ensure your company has a vision employees can support. Show them that their work will help people outside the company and improve their lives.

From there, ensure your company's culture demonstrates these values. For example, employees may notice if your vision says you care about the environment and yet you use unsustainable practices.

Similarly, if you say you value your employees, show it! Make sure employees have the time to create a work-life balance instead of running them ragged.

And then there's working from home, which has emerged as an interesting alternative after the Covid experience. This article, Best Jobs You Can Do From Home, discusses things to consider including benefits, disadvantages, the best places to look for Work-at-Home jobs, etc.

These examples demonstrate some ways you can use your company culture to encourage workers and boost productivity. Check out some ways companies with similar brands have fostered these strategies in their workplaces.

Strengthen Employee Relationships

Another step in improving productivity is to bolster your in-house communications. Productivity at work often relies on employee relationships. When employees can communicate with teammates and superiors, they can become more productive.

There are a few levels to this. First, ensure your employees have time to become friendly with each other.

People care more about their jobs and tasks when other people's work becomes affected by it. After all, wouldn't you work harder if it benefits your friend?

So, focus on ways to build stronger teams in your company. Consider encouraging employees to take breaks throughout the day. One way to foster these breaks is to create a comfortable break room with snacks and coffee.

Also, consider ways to improve your relationship with employees. There are several things managers can do to accomplish this.

How can you do this? There are a few steps you can take.

First, don't micromanage. Employees usually know their tasks and responsibilities. Allow them to focus on their work and accomplish their tasks on their time.

Next, maintain an open-door policy. Instead of micromanaging your workers, allow them to come to your office whenever they have questions. It establishes an open atmosphere in your company and builds trust between you and your employees.

Eliminate Unnecessary Distractions to Increase Productivity

Another way to improve your workplace productivity is by removing unnecessary distractions. If you're unsure what these workplace distractions may look like, check out this article.

Getting rid of distractions can take some work. There are a few ways to try this.

First, consider soundproofing offices. This step can protect employees from becoming distracted by outside sounds.

Another option is to encourage employees to use a "do-not-disturb" approach when necessary. While it's helpful to boost employee relationships, workers should also know when it's best to zero in on their work.

Finally, consider using simplified software that offers fewer distractions. Complex software solutions can distract people from their work.

Increase Your Productivity Today

As you can see, there are several ways to increase productivity in your office. So, assess your workplace and see what steps you can implement in your company.

Then, find a place to start. You may cut workplace distractions first and then focus on new changes. Alternatively, you may decide to host team-building efforts to bolster relationships in your company.

If you're unsure where to start, check out our other content! We offer several resources to enhance your workplace environment.

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