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How to Increase Brand Awareness Using Promotional Products

Nothing is more important than implementing a well-curated marketing strategy when running a profitable and successful business. Marketing is crucial in ensuring your business growth and enabling your products or services to reach a wider audience. Over recent years, promotional products have been an addition to advertising and marketing solutions because they increase brand awareness.

Promotional products are special items or gifts that businesses give away with their logo, business names, offers, or messages in them. Examples include t-shirts, bags, calendars, pens, cups, shopping bags, hats, etc. They are an excellent way of marketing your business and reaching a wider audience. When people use branded merchandise, they create brand visibility for you, which also increases brand awareness. Many businesses overlook the power these products offer to their businesses. Let us look at how promotional products can raise brand awareness for your business.

Increasing brand recognition

Most brands' goal is to be easily recognized when a customer sees your logo and brand name attached to your products and services. When you order merchandise printed with your brand name and logo, and then give them to consumers, your brand will stay in their minds for long, and it also helps them recognize your brand when they see it. Promotional merchandise doesn't only gain traction with those that receive them, but they keep growing your brand's visibility when they end up in the hands of others.

Most people who receive promotional products always end up sharing some with friends and family. This means that every promotional product you order has a knock-on effect that will last for a much more extended period than you may assume. In this regard, we have seen the Empire Promotional Gifts and other items being circulated among friends and family due to the most attractive method of promotion that they employ. This is one of the effective ways to help your brand reach as many people as possible through the product itself.

It's an effective and affordable form of marketing your business

Many businesses, especially small businesses, can only dream of running a large-scale marketing campaign. Such an advertising campaign requires a lot of capital, which small businesses lack. However, as a company, you can still have a successful marketing campaign and increase brand awareness with promotional products. Many businesses can afford to buy promotional products for wholesalers for mass distribution with their budget.

Providing practicality

It's no mere coincidence that nowadays, promotional products aren't only aesthetically pleasing or entertaining, but they are also useful to the consumer. From umbrellas to USB drives, they give the owner a need to keep using them.

The more your clients are using a product, the more embedded in their minds the product will be, while also being displayed to other people who interact with the user. This boosts your brand visibility and builds brand awareness.

Gives you a competitive edge

Winning consumers from an already established rival can be quite a challenge, but can be made a bit easier if you have promotional products to win them over. Offering promotional merchandise as a gift may be enough to sway potential clients away from their usual brand over to yours, while also associating positive attributes to your business, which will stick in their minds while they cross over.

Not only will the promotional products win you over new clients, but it will help foster loyalty with existing consumers, so ensure that your merchandise is of high quality and is also useful.

Promotional products can serve as your business card

Business cards are usually an excellent way of introducing clients to the products and services you offer. Promotional products can also function as business cards and present your product and services to your consumers, and in most cases, they offer better results than business cards. Consumers enjoy having promotional merchandise and will leave a lasting impression. Promotional products contain all the information found on business cards, but they are more appreciated than business cards and are more memorable.

Leveraging share-ability

The rise of social media popularity as a digital marketing platform has raised many options for businesses to optimize it as an effective marketing tool. Companies can ensure their brand reaches a wider audience when they hand out their promotional products at events, provide brand activations to the clients who visit their premises, or give them to consumers when they buy their products or services.

Social media platforms encourage people to share their experiences with brands. They are more likely to mention a brand's name, or even include the promotional product they received as a gift or a token to show off to their followers.

Tips for using promotional products effectively

There are hundreds of products that you, as a business, can use, customize, and personalize as your promotional products. Finding the right suitable product is just the first step of the entire process. It's essential to understand how to boost promotional products to boost brand awareness, and ensure your brand is sending the right message to its target audience.

  • Chose an industry-specific product - It's essential to use promotional products that match the type of business you're doing. Your clients should find the products useful. For example, a doctor’s office would give out thermometers, first aid kits, or pill containers rebranded with their business name and business details to its clients.
  • Offer themed giveaways - Promotional products with a theme are a great way to show versatility with your brand. If it's time for the holidays, consider matching your promotional products with the holiday theme. For example, you can give away a branded scarf for Christmas.
  • Use everyday products - Give out promotional products that consumers are likely to interact with every day like pens, notepads, coffee mugs, calendars, etc. These allow them to think of your brand every time they use the product.
  • Offer incentives – You can use promotional items where you offer them as incentives for completing an action. For example, you can offer the products as a gift to clients when they purchase a product or service or subscribe to your email list.

Promotional products are an effective and affordable way to market your business and increase brand awareness. When consumers wear your t-shirts or use your shopping bags or any other items, they serve as a walking billboard and advertise for you.

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