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6 Important Attributes of a Bartender

Bartenders are in a unique position, as they perform a wide range of duties to ensure the success of their establishment. From being a showrunner to someone's agony aunt, there are so many roles to play.

The primary purpose of a bartender is to provide customers with a good experience, and a great bartender is a vital asset to any establishment. Alcohol certification Colorado is helpful for alcohol sellers, and servers must complete training to comply with state laws and regulations. Employees who must be trained could be liable for serving alcohol to minors or overserving patrons.

The best way to avoid these problems is by requiring that all employees receive training on your policies and regulations. This training will protect your establishment from liability, reduce costs related to lawsuits and mitigate fines. This article will explore some of the most important attributes that make for a great bartender. 


A bartender should have patience. It is a virtue they must have to keep their cool and handle the challenges of a busy night at work.

It's a number 1 lesson a bartender must learn in a bartending school. Dealing with drunk guests requires patience and calmness; otherwise, hell can break loose.

It is also a trait that can benefit their mental health. For example, research has shown that people with patients tend to feel more optimistic and experience less depression.

In the Bible, patience is a quality God expects from His followers. It is also a character trait that is praised in various proverbs. 

Great customer service

Bartenders are uniquely positioned to provide excellent customer service because they are customers' first point of contact. Therefore, they must listen and respond to patrons with warmth, professionalism, and empathy.

They must also have strong interpersonal skills and situational awareness to diffuse difficult situations quickly and professionally before they escalate.

Great customer service can help your business thrive and make you a highly sought-after bartender. In addition, it can lead to repeat business and referrals, significantly boosting your bottom line!

It's also important to be able to answer customers' questions about the drinks you sell. This is one of the best ways to establish rapport and build loyalty.


One of the most important attributes of a bartender is their passion for what they do. They should love the job so much that they are willing to show up for work every day and perform with a great attitude.

In a related way, they should be excited to learn new skills and grow their knowledge base in their field of choice. This can help them land new jobs, expand their clientele, and get recognized in their industry.

While passion is a good thing in and of itself, it can also lead to some negative effects. In particular, a passion for gambling can be either harmonious or obsessive.

Organization Skills

Organization skills are necessary for bartenders to keep track of customers' orders, drinks, and payments. This also allows them to keep their bar and service area clean.

Good organizational skills help bartenders keep track of inventory and ensure that their bars are stocked with enough liquor, ice, and garnishes.

Organizing skills also help bartenders manage their time and workload. They are often busy taking drinks and serving customers, so they must stay organized to save time.

Team Player

Bartenders are often a part of a team, so they need to have the ability to work well with other staff members. This is especially important when many customers are on the premises at once.

You'll be able to tell a good team player from a bad one by their positive attitude, willingness to adapt when things change, and dedication to the group's goals.

Great bartenders can also listen carefully to their customer's needs and act accordingly. For example, if a customer asks for a glass of water, a good bartender will deliver that right away without delay.


Accuracy is an important quality in the workplace because it can help businesses understand the number of hours employees spend working and if they are spending their time effectively. As a result, having accurate tracking systems can improve employee efficiency and save a company money in the long run.

Bartenders often need to handle large crowds and simultaneously track many different orders. As a result, they need to be able to tap into their super-fast short-term memory and respond quickly when customers ask for a glass of water or want to place an order for a particular drink.

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