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The Importance of Translation in Business


Business World: A Global Platform in 2021

The year 2021, in true words, has become a global platform for business. Pre-pandemic, not many businesses even realized they had the potential of attracting foreign clients. However, now that all businesses and operations are taking place online, a lot of businesses are now going global.

To go global the first thing the business has to do is to make it is content readable to foreign clients, and for this purpose, they would need translation and interpretation services.

Why do you need interpretation services? Because when you are targeting a new set of audiences you need to understand their wants and behaviors. And since the report will be made in the language of a foreign countries language you might need an interpreter.

After interpretation, you would need to devise a marketing strategy for your business keeping a foreign audience in mind. Once you have done that you would need that strategy content to be translated. Which means you might need a translator.

An interpreter and translator are equally important as they both serve the purpose of helping your business go global. Looking world-wide, MotaWord provides professional translation services in 90+ languages.

Below we will list down a few essential features of translation in business...

Importance of Translation in Business

Enhances Communication With Customers:

To deal with foreign customers, you need to understand and communicate with your customers in their language. For example, let us say your customer gets on your brand website and while he can see the services you are offering, he can't understand the details of it. And because he doesn’t understand the details of it, he will probably leave your site and you might have lost a potential customer.

Take another scenario, where you have a translated website where your customers understand the details of the product you are offering, the contents of it, warranty, etc. If you have displayed everything in your customer's language, your customer is going to purchase your product almost immediately, if that’s what he needs. The only element you need to take care of is that your translation needs to be clear.

Brand Image:

If you translate your content, you are increasing the chances of your brand's visibility in the global market. Language is the only barrier that comes in the way of your local branding and foreign branding image. Once you cross and break that barrier, you will be in the league of international brands.

A lot of your brand image elements target your audience. And once you understand your foreign audience, you will be able to build a brand and communicate just the right message to your foreign customers as well.

The key is to build just the right image in the mind of your foreign customer, based on analytics interpretation of the specific target audience. Have you seen the advertisement of Coca-Cola differ from one country to another, targeting the elements of the audiences that work best with that foreign country?

Avoid Misunderstandings:

When dealing with international branding elements, it is very easy that your message might be misunderstood. Even brands like KFC had to face such trauma of bad translation or misunderstand. Let us give you an example, the tagline of KFC saying ‘finger-lick in good ‘was translated as ‘We’ll eat your fingers off’.

So therefore you need to take care of translated content and keep a close eye. Sometimes a translated content may mean something else in another language. This is why sometimes targeting foreign customers would need branding elements keeping foreign language in mind and the message it represents to the locals of that country.

Job and Business Opportunities:

Any reputable Translation Service Provider is now so much in demand with businesses going global that it has become an industry in itself. So translation services help in creating job opportunities and are in fact services as the livelihood of many families.

A professional translation company that offers translation and interpretation services in UAE, will be willing to extend its services to global clients as well. So the business in itself has the opportunity of expanding its brand to international clients.

Translation Types:

Translation does not just include language translations, it also has several niches. This means you can get services for legal translation, financial translation, accounts translation, business translation, website translation, etc.

If you invest in a professional company, you can get all these services from one brand, however, you can also look for freelancers who are offering these services.

Crowdsourcing Translation:

This is a new and modern method of translation in which you can use various technologies for translation. The best thing about this translation model is that it eliminates the inadequacies of the traditional translation model.

With crowdsourcing translation, you can make a pool of bilingual translations who are willing to contribute.

You can also use cloud-based translation tools that give you the ability to translate and publish the translated content on web-based interfaces etc. Today, even a Word Press website comes with an automatic translation option. This means that you don’t even have to hire a professional translator; all you have to do is download the necessary plugins and voila! Your website is ready for international clients as well.


Translation services are more professionally used than ever before. This is more likely due to the switch of business from brick and mortar business to online businesses. And once you take your business online, sometimes you just end up attracting the foreign client.

Nisar Ahmad

Author Bio:

Nisar Ahmad is a digital marketing expert from Media Hicon for many years. He considers bringing all the keywords to the top of his duty and constantly.

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