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What Are Some Great Ideas for
Customizing a Hoodie?

Before personalizing a hoodie, it's important to know why you want to personalize one, and what kind of personalization you want to do. There are several different options: iron on transfers, painting the hoodie by hand or with fabric paint, and buying patches and sewing them on.

First, decide if you want to personalize your hoodie for yourself or for someone else. If it's for someone else, make sure that they're okay with their hoodie being personalised before you begin! It could be hard to personalise a hoodie without telling them ahead of time. Next, think about where the person wearing the personalised hoodie goes - does he/she go to school? What grade are they in? How old are they? Where does he/she usually go to school - is it inside or outside? Remember that personalizing the hoodie will make it harder to wash, so personalizing for younger children (who go to school outside) might not be a good idea.

If personalizing a hoodie for yourself, think about what you've always wanted on your hoodie. This could be anything from a funny meme, something inspirational, or even just the name of your favourite band! There are lots of possibilities out there - what matters most is that you're happy with how it turns out.

Iron-on transfers:

Step One: Get a piece of paper and draw what you want onto it! If it's a meme or inspirational quote, make sure to use fancy fonts to personalize it! This is your paper design.

Step Two: Iron the piece of paper onto a white cotton t-shirt (if personalizing a hoodie for yourself). Make sure you place the paper on the shirt where you want it - once you iron it down, it's there to stay.

Step Three: Turn on an iron and set it at "cotton" heat on high. Place another clean cloth over top of your first t-shirt and then turn the hot iron onto the cloth. Press down firmly on your piece of paper with the hot iron - remember, this will be permanent! Keep pressing until all of the pieces are attached to the shirt. 

Step Four: Take off the top cloth and pick up your personalised piece of clothing to admire!

Painting a personalised hoodie by hand:

Step One: Get fabric paint - make sure it is washable so that you can personalize a hoodie without worrying about it getting ruined in the wash! Pick a colour that will look good with a hoodie, and get yourself some paintbrushes too. If personalizing a fleece cotton hoodie, buy "fleece" type fabric paint. This will be more expensive than regular fabric paint, but not too expensive for personalizing a hoodie.

Step Two: Draw what you want onto your personalised hoodie using different types of paint. Try to personalize your hoodie with different sized, shaped, or coloured pieces of paint to personalize it even more!

Step Three: Wait for the personalised paint pieces to dry before moving on - this can take up to an hour depending on how much paint you used and what type of fabric you're personalizing.

Step Four: Once the personalised paint pieces are dry, turn your hoodie inside out and iron it onto high heat for about 60 seconds (this will ensure that the personalised pieces stay attached). Make sure not to move the iron around too much, as this can mess up where the personalised pieces are placed!

Step Five: Take a look at your finished product and enjoy wearing it! This personalised hoodie was personalised with paint and you can't tell where the personalisation starts and ends, giving it a really cool look.

Sewing patches onto personalised hoodies:

Step One: Cut out your personalised patches from adhesive-backed felt or any other material that is easy to sew on to! The higher quality the material, the better it will stick to personalise a hoodie. Remember that this personalisation method is for personalizing an existing sweatshirt - if personalising a new hoodie , check out iron on transfers or painting by hand first! Patches might be harder to take off than other methods of personalisation. Make sure not to cut them too small - certain areas of a sweatshirt are harder to personalise than others!

Step Two: Iron your patches onto personalised hoodies that you want to personalize. Make sure the material of the personalised sweatshirt is 100% cotton or else it might not work. You can personalize a hoodie with both iron-on and adhesive backed patches - just be careful when sewing them on because an incorrect stitch might ruin all of your personalisation efforts. Once they're on and you like how they look, Patches sewn on by hand will hold stronger than iron-on transfers, but make sure it's sturdy enough not to rip off!


So personalize a hoodie and make sure to pick something that both you and the personalised sweatshirt like! Since personalizing a hoodie is permanent, it's better not to personalize too many things at once. Pick different types of personalisation, such as iron-on transfers (if personalising new clothes) or patches (if personalising existing garments). Let us know if you personalise your own clothes - we would love to see what kinds of personalizations you do!

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