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The Importance of Choosing the Ideal
Office Space for Your Productivity

We spend most of the day in the office, but this does not mean that we are working as productively as possible. Well-designed office space can improve work efficiency. Creating a comfortable environment is the answer to the age-old questions of business: how to help employees become even more efficient and make the company prosper with the least investment.

Why is it important?

Usually, employers do not care about whether it is convenient for a manager to work, or whether the office environment surrounding him is suitable for the production tasks that he solves. They are accustomed to renting an office and furnishing it for economic reasons: top managers have better places and furniture, while others are cheaper. Interior design, ergonomic furniture, beautiful views from the windows, or proximity to a cafe are not even included in the selection criteria. As a result, people get a working environment according to the principle of luck.

Meanwhile, according to a study by the British company Office Genie, which specializes in office administration, a human-centric office project can increase team productivity by a third, and this can become a threat to business. Every third employee works with dissatisfaction, therefore they are not involved in the process and are not motivated for the result.

Some statistics

Comfortable office space is critical for a much larger number of employees. More than half of workers believe they could be more productive if they had a comfortable office environment. According to Gensler, one of the world's largest architectural companies, poor office space design leaves many employees exhausted by the end of the day. Poor office organization in the US is costing companies hundreds of billions of dollars a year, analysts have calculated.

Significantly, everyday little things make office life terrible, which, with a competent approach to the design of office space, can be eliminated at no cost. The greatest irritation is caused by noise from telephone conversations or communication with colleagues nearby, the inability to customize the workplace, extraneous smells, etc. Thoughtful little things will increase the creativity and social interaction of workers and may even increase their happiness levels, as well as reduce stress levels.

Comfortable and productive environment

A variety of common office space arrangements, such as the office spaces in Nashville, is about more than high-quality office equipment, ergonomic furniture, and window plants. This is health care and includes exercise equipment for warming up between tasks, as well as showers for cyclists, in the office space. The allocation of space for recreation, kitchen, and conference rooms is competent. This is social infrastructure when there are cafes, shops, parks, and a suitable location near the office: the easier it is to get to the office, the less personal time a person spends on the road. These are holiday decorations, treats corporate parties, and meetings - everything that helps people feel needed and interesting both to colleagues and to the employer. In such an environment, there is a calm and productive atmosphere that promotes cooperation and creativity.

In addition, interior design plays an important role. Bright cheerful colors stimulate the intellect, employees become cheerful and energetic, and a large amount of natural light significantly improves mood. All this helps people to create an individually comfortable environment.

Perfect your workplace

Even minor changes in the environment can inspire employees to work exploits. For example, Cardiff University found that if you place living plants in the office, the productivity of managers will increase by 15%, and the use of climate control technologies increases the efficiency of people by 61%, researchers from Harvard proved. These simple and low-cost innovations, which even companies with small budgets for office modernization can do, radically change the attitude of employees toward their work and increase their productivity and motivation. If a modern coffee maker appears in the office, then the pleasant aroma of freshly brewed coffee will improve the mood of employees immediately and make the morning kinder.

Final word

Ideal office spaces can differ greatly from the traditional open-space partitions familiar to many veteran office workers: these days, there are many more options for organizing space. Competent office design can increase the productivity of employees by a third, and by changing the interiors and organization of office space, you can achieve an even higher increase in labor productivity.

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