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What You Should Know About a
Hydraulic Scissor Platform Lift

You can regard hydraulic scissor lifts as industrial lifting platforms to transport goods between floors in workshops, warehouses, and underground garages.

Hydraulic Scissor Platform Lift

The scissor lift platform is advantageous for safety and high efficiency to the hydraulic lifting platform industry.

In the market, you will find many scissor lift platforms, which can confuse you in selecting the right one for your needs. However, the fact remains that a moveable scissor lift is a piece of essential equipment for your business.

Here, we discuss the factors that you need to consider to land on the right scissor platform lift:

Lifting Height and Capacity

You should check the lifting height and your prospective scissor platform lift capacity and figure out whether those conform to your business.

It is crucial to do a bit of research on the travel and lifting capacity of the hydraulic lift, especially as they can only lift virtically. In this way, you can get the best equipment and value for your money.

Operating Environment of the Hydraulic Lifting Platform

Look at the pump and ensure that it makes no noise for disturbing your employees in areas like the meeting room, exhibition hall, and other such places that call for low noise. You might also use your lift outdoors where there will be no external power supply. Therefore, you have to use a battery or diesel generator to generate electricity. It can be a good practice to use a battery because a diesel generator can pose problems. So, check if your prospective scissor operating lift can work with a battery.


Check the configuration of your prospective scissor platform lift because different configurations can entail different effects. Then, choose a scissor platform lift with the best configuration for your business.

Use Frequency of Hydraulic Lifting Platform

When you purchase a scissor hydraulic lifting platform, tell the salesperson about the weight you will handle with the lift. If you choose a scissor platform lift that cannot take the weight of your loads, it might break down while operating. Also, keep in mind that the most expensive one might not be the most suitable for your business. Therefore, assess your needs and choose a scissor platform lift that can serve your needs the best.

Conduct a power test to determine the capability of your prospective scissor platform lift. Then, with the help of the manufacturer's technical personnel, carry out the performance of the hydraulic lifting platform. It will help you to figure out whether the lift can perform as per your expectations.

Common Problems of Scissor Lifts

Many problems occur during the operations of a scissor platform lift. Of course, you will encounter severe inconvenience and high inefficiency with difficulties. So, it will help if you know how to deal with such problems.

#1 Problem: You cannot stop the lifting process

Solution: Replace the travel switch. It can be due to the damaged switch. Also, the control handle of the scissors lift platform and the button of the distribution box can be damaged. Therefore, repair or replace the handle or button.

#2 Problem: The scissors lift platform cannot lift

Solution: Check if there is an overload. If so, reduce the load. And the supply voltage might be too low. So, check the power supply voltage. If it is too low, increase the voltage to the required range.

#3 Problem: The lifting platform descends


  1. Check the one-way valve in the valve group.
  2. If you find any dirt on the sealing surface of the one-way valve, clean the dirt.
  3. Check if the pressure relief valve is not tightly closed. If so, tighten it. Or else repair or replace the pressure relief valve.

#4 Problem: The lifting platform does not descend

Solution: Check if there is no electricity. If so, connect to the power supply. And if there is electricity, check if the solenoid valve spool is stuck or damaged. Also, check if there is an issue with the lowering valve. If you find any misalignment with the speed control valve, replace it.

#5 Problem: The lowering valve does not get closed

Solution: It can be damaged or stuck, so clean or replace it. If the lowering travel switch is damaged, replace it. And, if the lifting platform is without the lowering travel switch, check if the time relay usually operates.

Working Principle of a Hydraulic Scissor Lift

In principle, a hydraulic scissor lifts work on Pascal's law which states that pressure change in an incompressible liquid in a confined space is passed equally throughout the fluid in all directions. As such, the lift generates force or motion.

Typically, a hydraulic scissor lift comprises a piston within a cylinder, oil reservoir, pump, motor and valve. Usually, a hydraulic lift bears a machine room to house the pump, fluid and motor.

The pump pushes oil into the cylinder to push the piston, which pushes the lift up during the upward motion of the lift. And during the downward movement, the valve opens to allow the oil to flow back into the reservoir. The lift thus comes down using the gravitational force.

When you close the valve, the oil can flow only from the reservoir into the cylinder. And the oil can only flow from the cylinder back into the reservoir only when you open the valve.

How to Operate a Hydraulic Scissor Lift?

Since a hydraulic scissor lift handles heavy goods, the safe operation of the lift is of utmost importance.

Therefore, it will help if you adopt a systematic approach in handling your hydraulic scissor lift.

The first thing to do before you put your lift into operation is inspecting specific critical details.

First, check if there is any leakage in the hydraulic oil tank. If there is any, fix it. Then, check if there is enough oil in the fuel tank, fill up the tank, if necessary. Also, check if the battery fluid is leaking and the liquid level is appropriate.

Secondly, check the components. Ensure that all the components are in working condition.

Thirdly, check the operation of the lift, and ensure that everything is alright.


This article will help you know almost everything about a typical hydraulic scissor platform lift. Ensure that you purchase a quality lift from a reputed manufacturer.

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