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How Can You Write a Professional Essay
Without Being an Expert?

At the higher levels of education, students are assigned critical and analytical essays that involve critical thinking and exceptional command over essay writing. Students find it difficult to deal with these essays since they are not experts. Therefore, here is a detailed guide on how you can write a professional essay without being an expert.

A Complete Guide to Write an Essay in a Professional Way

You should proceed with your work in the following manner to write a professional essay.

  • Understand the Topic First

You need to have a complete understanding of the topic of the essay. If you are not sure about what you are supposed to do in your essay or the topic is unclear or complex, don’t be shy to discuss it with your teacher. Teacher’s guidance can help you have a better understanding and also you will come to know your teacher’s perspective. In this way, you can form your arguments accordingly.

  • Prepare an Outline

Preparing an essay outline is important because it helps you complete your work with a swift flow without being stuck in confusion. First, you need to mind map the ideas you have in your mind regarding your essay. Then, include these ideas in your essay outline and also mention what and how you are doing to do in your essay. This outline will not let you miss the important points during the writing process.

  • Complete your Research

You should complete your research before start working on your essay writing. Search the topic on Google Scholar and collect the important facts and figures. You should use credible sources for research and must not go for random blogs and articles.

The reason is that the random sources may hold inaccurate information that can affect the worth of your essay. Not all students have good research skills due to which they seek help from professional essay writing services UK based. So, if you want to write a professional essay by yourself, you need to improve your research skills.

  • Write an Interesting Introduction

Once you get done with your research, you should move towards writing your essay introduction. The introduction is the most significant part of an essay so it must be compelling enough to grab your teacher’s attention.

First, you should elaborate on the title of the essay at the very start of the introduction. Then you share a short background and the main idea. Highlighting the purpose of addressing that particular topic is also a must. At the end of the essay introduction, you give the thesis statement and mention your aims and objectives. This is how a good introduction is composed.

  • Properly Plan the Body Paragraphs of Your Essay

The body paragraphs of your essay explain your main idea, so you should properly plan how to write your body paragraphs. Address only one argument in one paragraph and the second argument in the next. Do not mix it up all because it will create a mess and make your content ambiguous.

The best way to write the body paragraphs of your essay is to use the PEEL method of writing (Gibbons, 2019). In this method, you first make a POINT, give a supporting EVIDENCE, and then you EXPLAIN the relation between the raised claim and the topic. The last line of the paragraph is a connecting sentence that LINKS to the next para.

  • Give Strong Conclusion

At the end of the essay, you add a strong conclusion in which you give a summary of all the key points of your essay. You also restate the problem or the main idea and describe how your research, study, and essay are a worthy contribution to the topic. You may wrap up your essay by sharing a personal opinion, a suggestion, or advice.

Some Important Tips for Professional Essay Writing

Following are some effective tips that you must consider to write a professional essay.

  • Work at a Quiet Place

You should work on your assigned essays in a quiet place. Choose a peaceful corner of your home where no voices and activities of the surroundings could disturb you. If their distractions are in the surrounding so you cannot focus on your work. You need to do your work full concentration if you want to write a professional essay.

  • Follow the Correct Structure and Format

You should know which type of essay you are writing and what structure and format it requires. The incorrect structure and formatting break the overall impression of the essay and show the weakness of your writing skills.

  • Form Short Sentences and Paragraphs

Long sentences mostly complicate the idea and make the meaning difficult to comprehend. Also, long sentences and paragraphs sometimes seem unclear to the reader affecting readability. Therefore, you should write clear and concise statements and paragraphs.

  • Stay Relevant

You should always stay relevant working on your essay. Whether you are doing your research and collecting data to add to your essay or you are building your arguments, you should never forget what the topic is. Irrelevant information and content do nothing but break the worth of your essay.

  • Don’t Forget to Add References

When you write a research-based essay, you use several sources to take ideas and gather data. You must use citations and add references for all these sources in your essay because, without proper referencing the content is considered to be plagiarized (Nathan, 2021).

  • Must Edit and Proofread

You should not finalize and submit your essay without editing and proofreading. You must read and revise your essay multiple times so that if there are errors in terms of grammar, spelling, punctuations, structure, formatting, context, readability, referencing, or anything else, you can remove them all and make your essay flawless.

  • Learn from Professionals

You may ask online essay writers to do my essay for me UK based to get done with it professionally. When they deliver you your order, you should read it thoroughly and keenly observe their writing style. By doing so you will get new ideas regarding essay writing and come to know how to deal with a topic perfectly. In this way, you can learn from professionals.

End Note

Essay writing seems to be the easiest part of academic writing but it is not. You need to have an interest in the subject and focus on the essay topic to do it proficiently. By following the discussed guidelines, you can improve your essay writing skills and ace your essays.


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